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Massage Therapy Is a Growing Field, So Therapists Must Grow, Too

Increasingly, Americans are prioritizing their mental health by exploring self-care. While not a new concept, self-care has experienced a renewed interest, particularly among millennials and Gen Z. Given these circumstances, massage therapists are inspired to consider new approaches to massage to stand out from others in the field and attract self-care enthusiasts.

HICI Go offers various online and in-person courses to help professionals learn new massage therapy techniques. Our education platform connects learners with a diverse array of live webinars, on-demand online courses, and in-person courses. Here, we discuss specific therapies you may wish to add to your repertoire to increase your client base.

Self-Care and the Growing Popularity of Massage Therapy

What it means to practice self-care differs from person to person. It generally involves attitudes and behaviors contributing to better self-love and less stress. Self-care encompasses physical, mental, and emotional health — and massage therapy helps address all three. As such, more individuals are interested in these services, as evidenced by significant growth in employment of massage therapists expected for at least the next decade.

However, younger people concerned with self-care are also well-versed in online research. In other words, they’re more aware of the types of massage therapy available and may seek specific services.

Popular Massage Therapy Treatments

As massage therapy treatment continues to grow in popularity, therapists should consider offering additional services to clients, including:

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is often used to treat chronic pain and injuries. It involves manual techniques to apply optimal pressure and work deep layers of muscle and fascia (connective tissue). Deep tissue massage is more intense than other types of massage therapy, but it’s just as effective at easing tension and relieving stress. Individuals with certain medical concerns, like headaches, sports injuries, and lower back pain, may find deep tissue massage especially beneficial.

Thai Massage

Clients looking for a different approach to massage therapy than the Western tradition may appreciate Thai massage. This type of massage therapy incorporates elements of yoga, with the massage therapist assisting the client in performing passive stretches. Thai massage is spiritual; it seeks to move internal energy throughout the body to stimulate greater well-being.

Swedish Massage

Most people are familiar with Swedish massage. It’s the technique typically associated with massage therapy. Swedish massage delivers many benefits, including improved circulation, reduced muscle tension, decreased stress, and enhanced mood. The massage therapist uses various hand movements, like kneading, rolling, and tapping, for the best results.

Cupping Therapy

As it sounds, cupping therapy involves using cups to improve blood flow and cell repair. The massage therapist uses different techniques such as flash, running, or dry cupping to create suction and bruising. That causes the body to send blood cells to the area and induce healing. Cupping therapy delivers a range of benefits, from relieving pain from certain medical conditions to decreasing inflammation to aiding digestion.


Aromatherapy is a holistic therapy that’s been used for centuries. The client inhales essential oils, and these scents send signals to the brain, stimulating the nervous system and causing chemical responses. For instance, aromatherapy can help release hormones that regulate key functions like digestion and sleep.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The lymphatic system includes lymph fluid, vessels, nodes, and organs. Lymph nodes filter immune system elements, proteins, water, and waste from lymph fluid before it enters veins. Some health conditions can cause a complication called lymphedema, which causes blockage and buildup in the lymphatic system.

Lymphatic drainage massage seeks to alleviate lymphedema by circulating lymph fluid toward the lymph nodes. The technique helps the lymphatic drainage system better regulate immune system function. It can also enhance blood circulation and balance.

Sports Massage

Sports massage is designed specifically for athletes and active people. It facilitates recovery from athletic injuries, focusing on issues like muscle strain. The goal is to help athletes increase performance and prevent future injuries. Some sports massage therapists specialize in specific sports, such as football or gymnastics.

Hot Stone Massage

An extension of traditional massage therapy, hot stone massage involves using heated stones to add pressure to problem areas. These stones are made of volcanic rock called basalt that retains heat well yet has a smooth texture for comfort. During hot stone massage, the massage therapist places stones on the affected area to relax muscles, making them easier to manipulate.

Reiki Massage

Reiki massage is among the most distinct because it involves no physical contact. First developed in the early 1900s in Japan, this massage technique is based on the concept of life force energy flowing through the body. Changes in this energy mean changes to the body. Reiki massage seeks to redirect the flow of energy to cultivate healing. Improved sleeping habits and stress relief are just two of the health benefits of Reiki.

Craniosacral Therapy

Also called cranial sacral therapy, craniosacral therapy involves gentle touching to relieve pressure on the central nervous system. It helps enhance internal functions and induce natural healing. It also stimulates the healthy flow of cerebrospinal fluid, which helps regulate blood flow, protect the brain and spinal cord, and eliminate waste products from the brain.

Explore Massage Therapy Courses at HICI Go

With so many massage techniques to consider, it can be challenging to know where to begin. HICI Go is a great resource for experienced massage therapists and beginners to increase their knowledge and expand their toolset. We offer a diverse catalog of massage therapy classes in different formats, including live and in-person, live webinars, and online courses that individuals can complete anytime. In-person courses are available for students at our partner institutions, Cortiva Institute and Hollywood Institute, with instruction offered in Florida and several other states.

Our catalog changes often, so professionals can check back periodically and find new listings. Contact us today to learn more about our massage therapy courses.