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HICI Go welcomes all professionals seeking license renewal credits and all day-to-day education enthusiasts to take advantage of our low cost CEUs & Workshops to further their expertise.



Have you been wishing for access to an online hair school? You are in luck because that’s exactly what HICI Go offers people across the United States. Our unique educational platform allows beauty professionals and those interested in health and wellness to take up-to-the-minute hairdressing courses on our convenient, online platform.

Going at your own pace is a wonderful way to learn. If you are a busy beauty professional, it’s great to turn to online courses for inspiration and to gain new knowledge and techniques in your spare time. If you love health and beauty topics or like to collaborate with your hairdresser, taking HICI Go courses online anytime or with our live webinars is a convenient way to expand your understanding of modern materials and techniques. Take your interest in beauty a step beyond magazine articles and YouTube videos with HICI Go instructors and formal online hair school courses.

Our extensive educational platform allows us to feature a variety of hair styling classes and courses. The course listings are frequently updated, so we advise you to check back often. Fashionable topics come and go, so by becoming familiar with techniques and products, you can develop and build your base of skills. That’s how professionals keep adding to their bag of tricks and are ready to tackle every new hair trend that crosses their path. For more information, contact us today.

Additional courses coming soon. Be sure to check back again, and in the meantime, take a look at these in-person courses