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Model applies makeup to skin for color matching

Want to Be a Makeup Artist? Basic Techniques You Should Know

Anybody interested in beauty can tell you that makeup is an art. Just like any other art, it takes practice and proper technique to perfect. HICI Go offers in-person training, online courses, and live webinars to help beginners, enthusiasts, and professionals refine their beauty and wellness skills. Here, we introduce four basic techniques every makeup artist should know. Skin Preparation As with any art, makeup is best applied on a blank canvas. Oils, dead cells, and pore irregularities all interfere with your finished product, resulting in a look that is less than masterful. Avoid this by preparing the skin with the following steps: Cleanse: Before applying makeup, ensure that your skin...

Client with hot stones placed on back during hot stone massage

The Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

Many individuals seeking rest and relaxation opt for massage therapy services. There are several types of massages that clients can choose from, all designed to target specific areas of the body and offer unique benefits. One type of therapeutic massage that has become increasingly popular is hot stone massage. HICI Go is a highly regarded learning resource for professionals wishing to expand their knowledge of massage techniques and perfect their skills. We offer live webinars and on-demand online video courses for students across the United States. We also partner with Cortiva Institute and Hollywood Institute for in-person courses in Florida, Texas, Connecticut, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. Here, we offer insight into what a hot stone massage...

Beauty professional using airbrush to apply makeup to client’s face

Airbrush Makeup Tips

The beauty industry is continuously creating new ways to help people achieve their desired looks. While some cosmetologists and beauty professionals prefer traditional tools and techniques, others wish to stay up-to-date on the latest makeup trends. Airbrush makeup is becoming increasingly popular. Because more clients are requesting this service, cosmetologists should familiarize themselves with the right techniques. HICI Go is an online education platform that connects learners with a diverse array of live webinars, on-demand online courses, and in-person courses focused on beauty and wellness. Here, we offer useful tips for someone learning to apply makeup with an airbrush. What Is Airbrush Makeup? In the world of beauty, airbrushing is a...

Sports massage therapist working on client’s back

Sports Massage Demand Is Growing as Americans Exercise More

Sports massage is among the fastest-growing branches of the massage industry. As more Americans prioritize fitness and self-care, frequent exercise becomes a common part of everyone’s daily routine. The demand for massage therapy is growing to match. This makes sports massage techniques a valuable addition to any therapist’s toolkit. HICI Go is an online education platform that connects learners with a diverse array of live webinars, on-demand online courses, and in-person courses. Here, we discuss the rising demand for sports massage and how massage providers can take advantage of the opportunity. What Makes Sports Massage Special Many athletes rely on sports massage to boost performance and enhance postgame recovery. Its...

Woman enjoys her new look

What a Cosmetologist Needs to Know About Natural Beauty Products

In the world of beauty, the term natural gets used a lot. More people are trying to achieve the look of natural beauty, which is defined as beauty in its natural form. This craze has increased the demand for natural beauty products. Now more than ever, consumers are focusing on health and sustainability. Cosmetologists must keep up with the latest trends in the beauty industry so they can continue to provide their clients with the highest quality services, as well as offer the most accurate advice. Keeping with our mission of being a reliable resource for beauty professionals and enthusiasts wishing to expand their knowledge, HICI Go offers in-person...

Beauty professional spreading wax above client’s eyebrow

Learn Eyebrow Waxing the Professional Way

Our eyebrows are important facial features. They are the frames of the face and help to highlight an individual’s natural facial structure. Changing the shape of your eyebrows can drastically transform the overall look of your face. Eyebrow waxing can lift the eye area, enhance a person’s natural features, and give them a more youthful appearance. HICI Go is a learning resource that offers in-person training, online courses, and live webinars. Our eyebrow and eyelash courses are ideal for beauty enthusiasts who want to learn how to wax and shape eyebrows. Here, we discuss the importance of eyebrow shaping and detail what our eyebrow waxing course entails. Choosing the...

Skincare professional performing hydrogen oxygen facial on client in spa

Add Hydrogen-Oxygen Facials to Your Skincare Repertoire

An increasingly popular skincare option is the hydrogen-oxygen facial. This skincare technique uses innovative technology to treat multiple skin issues. At HICI Go, skin care professionals can register for beauty and wellness courses to increase their knowledge of approaches like hydrogen-oxygen facials. We help professionals learn skincare techniques so they can offer new services. Here, we explore the benefits of the hydrogen-oxygen facial and explain why you should consider adding it to your skills. What Are Hydrogen-Oxygen Facials? The hydrogen-oxygen facial is a noninvasive skin care treatment designed to deliver more enhanced results than a regular facial. Its name comes from the technology used in the treatment, which features...

Table with massage therapy oils, candles, towels, stones

Massage Therapy Is a Growing Field, So Therapists Must Grow, Too

Increasingly, Americans are prioritizing their mental health by exploring self-care. While not a new concept, self-care has experienced a renewed interest, particularly among millennials and Gen Z. Given these circumstances, massage therapists are inspired to consider new approaches to massage to stand out from others in the field and attract self-care enthusiasts. HICI Go offers various online and in-person courses to help professionals learn new massage therapy techniques. Our education platform connects learners with a diverse array of live webinars, on-demand online courses, and in-person courses. Here, we discuss specific therapies you may wish to add to your repertoire to increase your client base. Self-Care and the Growing Popularity...

Happy massage therapist and spa owner preparing for clients

Starting a Business in Beauty and Wellness? Here’s Some Advice

Part of what makes a career in beauty and wellness so rewarding is that it can take you anywhere. Massage therapists, hairstylists, estheticians, nail technicians, and similar professionals work in a variety of settings and serve various clients. As you become more experienced in your field, you may be interested in opening your own salon or spa. Of course, you’ll need to understand the basics of owning and operating a business before considering this direction, and that’s where HICI Go comes in. HICI Go is an online education platform for people interested in beauty and wellness topics, including business courses. We connect learners with a diverse array of...

Client at spa feeling refreshed after craniosacral therapy

What Is Craniosacral Therapy?

Massage therapists regularly look for new approaches to help their clients, such as craniosacral therapy. This massage therapy provides relief from many types of pain, including headaches and complications from some cancer treatments. HICI Go is an online education platform that connects learners with a diverse array of live webinars, on-demand online courses, and in-person courses. We offer a range of health and beauty courses to help professionals learn massage techniques and a wealth of other skills. Discover more about craniosacral therapy and its benefits. How Does Craniosacral Therapy Work? The origins of craniosacral therapy (CST) stem back to the 1930s, when William Sutherland, a doctor of osteopathy, realized that...