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Hair Courses

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When it comes to keeping up with the demands of the hair industry, rely on HICI Go. From learning modern hair techniques to sprucing up on essential skills, even the most seasoned hairstylists can learn something new from our courses. Staying current with hair trends and styles can give you the skills necessary to continue succeeding.

At HICI Go, we offer a variety of live in-person courseswebinars, and online video courses on demand to help professional and aspiring hairstylists get ahead in their careers. Learn more about the different hair styling and coloring techniques covered in the hair courses we offer.

Hair Styling Techniques

Hair styling is much more than just fixing up a hairdo for clients. It involves the right prep work, products, and tools to create a truly stunning look. Hairstylists should have experience with styling different types of hair, from wavy, curly, or straight to fine and thick hair types. Each hair type requires unique products and methods to keep it healthy and looking its best. Learning about these products and studying these methods improves the client’s experience and can help you grow as a hairdresser.

Our instructors advise current or aspiring hairstylists on the best products, tools, and techniques to style hair efficiently. Students can also learn techniques such as how to add volume to hair, do blowouts, eliminate frizz, curl hair, and use different hair products like oils, gels, and mousses. They can also gain knowledge about tools like hair dryers, curling wands, straightening devices, and hairbrushes.

Hair Coloring Methods

Overall, hair coloring methods require knowing how to use different hair products, like bleach and hair dyes. Hair dyeing can be completed using one of many methods. Depending on the look and style that a client is going for, the stylist chooses the method that will work best to achieve the goal.

For example, color melting is a technique that’s great for balayages and unnatural hair colors. It involves using darker and lighter shades of color to create dimension. Color melting can be an incredibly efficient method for the balayage process, as it allows lighter and darker tones to blend well with a client’s existing hair color.

Balayage is another method of coloring that allows darker tones at the roots to seamlessly and naturally blend into lighter tones at the ends. This is a trendy, modern way to add a touch of flair to natural hair colors.

By taking courses at HICI Go, hairstylists can be up-to-date on trendy hairstyles and coloring techniques. We not only offer courses for balayage and color melting techniques but also highlighting and ombré. Hair highlighting is the process of taking small pieces of hair and brightening them from roots to ends. It differs from a balayage in that it brightens a client’s overall hair instead of blending it from dark to light. Highlights can be great for adding a subtle touch to natural hair or a bright pop of color for a unique look.

Ombré is another hair technique that involves lightening the hair. It’s similar to a balayage because both methods focus on blending darker roots into lighter ends. However, an ombré is unique in that it gives a more distinct blend of colors. Using the right ombré technique is essential for creating the perfect ombré hairstyle. HICI Go offers all of these courses and more, including other beauty topics such as skin care and nails.

Courses at HICI Go

HICI Go provides live in-person courseslive webinars, and online video courses for hairstyling, hair coloring, and more. Here, students can learn about the latest advancements in the hair industry, including techniques and hair trends. Our live in-person courses are offered through our partner schools located in Florida, including Tampa, St. Petersburg, Orlando, and Miami. We also partner with several other schools in Connecticut, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Texas. Those enrolled in our partner schools automatically receive a HICI Go online account upon acceptance. This means students have added resources and courses to help them succeed in the industry.

Our courses are also open to those anywhere in the United States through our webinar and online video course options. Each course is taught by licensed professionals who can teach you many aspects of the hair industry. Our hairdressing courses aren’t just limited to professionals; aspiring hairstylists or those who want new techniques for changing their own hair are welcome to take courses. Those taking our courses do not earn any licenses or certifications following completion. However, the instruction we offer can be a great start in your hairstyling career and can keep seasoned professionals updated on the latest practices. The current course listings change frequently, so we encourage checking regularly for new topics and upcoming course offerings.

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HICI Go aims to make education easy and accessible for students across the U.S. Those located in Florida and other states can enhance their educational experience by taking live in-person courses. However, students can still benefit from our webinars and online courses. To learn more about our hair courses and other courses we offer, contact us today.