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Professional and amateur hairdressers alike want to know about the latest hair coloring and hair styling trends. Color melting is an exciting way to blend the colors applied to the hair to achieve a variety of effects. Learn about this fashionable methodology with HICI Go. Our educational platform for health and beauty courses, including hair courses, is available across the U.S. via live webinars and courses online anytime, and through live in-person courses at our partner schools in Florida, Connecticut, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Texas. Find out more about color melting.

Client examines book of hair colors while receiving color melting hair treatment

What Is Color Melting?

Have you ever been disappointed in choosing only one or two colors for your hair? Or were you unhappy that the colors were distinct after application? If you’ve been wanting another look, color melting might be exactly what you want. It starts with selecting a palette of colors for blending that go well with the person’s skin tone, fashion sense, and overall style. It considers how the hair frames the face, and whether that can be improved. And, of course, seasonal colors, makeup preferences, and fashions also play a part in the selection of color-melting shades for the hair. HICI Go offers color melting in its catalog of hair courses.

Variations and Techniques Used in the Color Melting Process

The hairdresser might choose a few techniques and variations, depending on the desired effect. Some stylists will freehand the highlight color of the blend, either throughout the hair or in a specific area, such as around the face. With this framework in place, the hairdresser can use darker tones in several different ways.

With an ombré approach, they may apply a darker base shade and then work down the lengths of hair, to lighten and blend from midway to the ends. Another possible look might focus on the roots, making this area darker, and then applying lighter shades throughout the rest of the hair. Color melting catches the eye, whether based on blonde, brunette, reds, grays, platinum, pastels, copper, or honey colors.

Using the brighter, lighter colors of the palette to brighten up the area around the face and bangs, stylists smooth a rich blend of color tones throughout the remainder of the hair. The effect plays with light, accenting both skin tones and fashion colors. And with every change of hairstyle, the wearer can show off the highlights and colors in new ways

The Benefits of Learning Color Melting for Hairdressers

When it comes to hairdressing, you really can’t have too many techniques and skills. Fashion is fluid, including hairstyles and hair coloring. Through courses offered on the HICI Go platform, you can increase your understanding of every aspect of working with hair. The practical instruction offered in our courses can help professionals expand their repertoire and client base.

If you are interested in beauty techniques and tricks or just want to know more about how your hairdresser takes care of your hair, these courses are also beneficial. Together with your beauty team, you can help create looks that are just right for you.

HICI Go’s Partner Institutions

HICI Go partner schools are located in Florida, Connecticut, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Texas. When students enroll in courses at Cortiva Institute or Hollywood Institute, their admission automatically includes access to all the HICI Go online courses and live webinars. In this way, students can expand their skill sets and explore areas of interest that aren’t specifically included in their course of study.

Professionals who want continuing education and individuals who are interested in health and beauty can also shop our courses from anywhere in the U.S. We make it easy for you to update your skills, learn new techniques, and gain health and beauty industry information. Course subjects include skin care, barbering, business, hair, makeup, massage, nails, skincare, and electrology. All our courses emphasize safety and up-to-date techniques

Explore Hair Styling Skills With HICI Go

Add hair melting to your menu of hairdressing services. With a new ability for blending colors, you can better use your creative flair to highlight client facial features. These techniques help the hair appear fuller and richer while accenting favorite colors that your clients will love. Color melting offers hair stylists a basis for expanding their business and exploring their craft. Take advantage of the myriad of courses offered at HICI Go throughout the U.S. to learn more about health and beauty. Contact us today.