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Learning the art of manicures can be an exciting and fulfilling endeavor. But whether you’re a licensed professional or a beginner wanting to know more about manicures, staying updated on the most recent trends in nail design is crucial. HICI Go offers the right courses and resources for those interested in a career as a nail technician. Through live webinars and online video courses, professionals and aspiring nail technicians across the United States can add to their skill sets. In-person courses are available for students at our partner institutions, Cortiva Institute and Hollywood Institute, with instruction offered in Florida and several other states.

Learn more about a variety of manicure techniques at HICI Go.

Different Manicure Techniques

Manicures are complex in that there are many different kinds a client may want. HICI Go provides courses that teach students about varying techniques and styles, including:

Regular Polish

A regular polish manicure first involves prepping and cleaning the nail area. This includes trimming nails, removing old polish, pushing cuticles, and shaping the nail. To complete any manicure, it’s essential to have the skills for efficient nail prep, which is touched upon through our nail tech classes. This way, the nail polish application can go more smoothly, and the results can be even more stunning. After prepping the nails, regular polish is applied. Clients must wait for their polish to fully dry before leaving.

Gel Polish

Before starting a gel manicure, nail technicians must also complete prep and cleaning practices. However, gel polish is different from regular polish in that it takes away the drying step. Throughout the gel manicure, the polish must be placed under a UV light. This works to set the polish, ensuring it dries and creates a shell-like coating over the natural nail. Because of this, gel manicures can strengthen natural nails and make manicures last longer, which is a large factor in their popularity.

Removal of gel nails differs from the process of removing regular polish. With a regular manicure, the polish can simply be removed by swiping nail polish remover over the nail. But with gel manicures, you must allow acetone to soak into the polish to soften and remove it.


Gel-X manicures are a method of application that extends the nail using pre-made nail extensions made from soft gel. The extension is placed over the entire nail to provide durability and longevity in the manicure. Gel-X nails also use UV light to dry and create a hard coating on natural nails.

After applying the nail, nails simply need to be shaped and completed with a coat of polish. Prepping for Gel-X nail application is similar to prepping for a regular manicure. This option has become more popular in recent years because of its nail health benefits and easy application.


Acrylic is another trendy nail style that uses powders and liquids to create a hard coat over nails and nail extensions. Different from Gel-X nails, acrylic nails only apply extensions to the tip of the nail versus the entire nail. After applying the tips, nail technicians dip a brush into the acrylic powder and apply it over the nail.

Once they’re dry, nails are filed and drilled down to create a thinner, more natural appearance. Any type of nail polish can be applied on top of acrylics, like regular polish, gel polish, or dip powder.

Prep for applying acrylic nails is more complicated than a regular manicure. This is because you must use a drill device to remove existing acrylic and polish to cut down nails. It’s essential to know proper safety measures when handling drilling equipment. This ensures you can keep clients safe.

In addition to the different manicures, some clients may want specialized nail shapes. Besides traditional shapes like round or square, clients may ask for more trendy ones like coffin, almond, or stiletto shapes.

Manicure Courses at HICI Go

HICI Go offers courses dedicated to new and exciting nail techniques and methods. Learning from experienced instructors, students gain knowledge of the most recent and advanced nail trends and application techniques. Both seasoned nail technicians and beginners are invited to take our courses. Although they don’t certify you to be a working nail tech after completion, they can still help to introduce you to the world of nails or allow you to freshen up your skills.

Through live in-person courses, HICI Go can provide a more hands-on learning experience that allows students to practice what they learn in our courses in a realistic setting. We partner with schools across Florida, including Tampa, St. Petersburg, Orlando, and Miami.

Those located in Connecticut, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Texas can also enroll in one of our partnering institutions. Upon enrollment, students receive a log-in for their HICI Go online account. Students are also free to take courses anywhere across the U.S. through our live webinars and online video courses.

Learn New Manicure Techniques With HICI Go

HICI Go is here for students who want to further their education and career in the nail tech industry. We make education accessible by providing online courses to students across the U.S., as well as live, in-person courses in Florida and other states. To learn more about our manicure class and other courses we offer in cosmetology, contact us today. The current course listings change frequently, so we encourage checking regularly for new topics and upcoming course offerings.