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Woman in salon getting nails done

Manicure Methods: 6 Popular Types

Choosing the right manicure can seem like a daunting task. With so many options to browse through, it can be difficult to tell which method is right for you. HICI Go is an online education platform that connects learners with a diverse array of beauty and wellness courses. We offer nail tech courses through live webinars and on-demand online video courses available to students throughout the U.S., as well as live in-person courses in Florida, Texas, Connecticut, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. Here, we talk about six popular types of manicures nail techs should offer. Soft Gel Manicure A soft gel manicure uses gel polish to add color to natural nails. Gel nails...

Hairdresser colors client’s hair

Dramatic Hair: Balayage or Ombré?

For people looking for an updated hair color but not wanting an extreme change, techniques like balayage and ombré might be just right. Hairstylists need to be up-to-date on these popular techniques, which offer a more subtle upgrade than a full-dye job. HICI Go is a learning platform that offers instruction in a variety of beauty techniques, including hair coloring, via online and in-person hair courses for both professionals and novices throughout the United States. We also offer in-person courses in Florida, Texas, Connecticut, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. Here, we’ll share more insight into balayage and ombré hair-coloring techniques, the differences between them, and when they should each be used. What...

Manicurist applying acrylic on nails

Gel Nails vs. Acrylic: Which Is the Right Choice?

Gel nails and acrylic nails both offer different advantages. But the right option depends on a person’s needs and what they are looking for out of a manicure. HICI Go offers a variety of cosmetology and wellness courses, including nail courses, through live in-person courses in Florida, Texas, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Maryland, and live webinars, and online video courses available to students across the U.S. Courses are designed for professionals looking to gain essential skills and for students entering the field, as well as enthusiasts who just want to learn how professionals do things. Here, we discuss what gel nails are, what acrylic nails are, and the benefits of...

Close-up of stylist coloring strand of hair in bright pink

Hair Color: Permanent, Semi-Permanent, and Demi-Permanent

When it comes to coloring hair, there are many options to consider. Not only do you have a variety of colors at your disposal, but you also have many techniques and products. One thing clients must decide on before dyeing their hair is if they want permanent, semi-permanent, or demi-permanent hair color. HICI Go offers a variety of courses, including hair coloring, via live in-person courses, live webinars, and online video courses to assist current and aspiring hairstylists in learning about the most modern and advanced techniques. Here, we discuss the differences between permanent, semi-permanent, and demi-permanent hair dyes. What Is Permanent Hair Color? Permanent hair color is designed to...

Two salon professionals apply eyelash extensions to clients

Eyelash Extensions: The Looks Customers Want

As beauty aficionados know, how the eyes look is a major focus of trade techniques and involves makeup, eyebrow shaping, and eyelash extensions. As with all things in the beauty industry, fashion changes, so it's good to know about the looks your customers want now. Both professionals and casual learners can access courses on eyebrows and eyelashes with HICI Go. We offer live in-person courses at our partner schools in Florida, Connecticut, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Texas, as well as live webinars and online anytime options available throughout the U.S. A More Natural Look for Eyelash Extensions? At a basic level, eyelash extensions create the look of mascara, increasing emphasis...

Client undergoing lymphatic drainage facial massage

What Can Lymphatic Drainage Massage Do for the Face?

Most individuals want to look and feel their best. To accomplish this, people are willing to undergo a variety of treatments and methods that target various areas of the body. These techniques can be useful in treating several health conditions or improving overall appearance and mood. One technique you may not be familiar with is lymphatic drainage massage. HICI Go is an online center that offers online, anytime learning opportunities and live webinars available throughout the U.S., as well as live, in-person courses at partner schools in Florida and several other states, designed for beauty professionals and enthusiasts. Here, we explore what a lymphatic drainage massage is and...

Client holding up mirror and smiling as esthetician points out hair removal area

Electrolysis Is the Key to Permanent Hair Removal

There are many ways to remove unwanted body or facial hair. Shaving, plucking, and body waxing all are options, but unfortunately, they provide only temporary results. For those who are seeking a permanent way to remove body hair, electrolysis is an attractive option. As an online platform offering courses on a wide range of skincare techniques, massage, hair care, and other wellness and beauty services, HICI Go is proud to provide courses in electrolysis. HICI Go offers in-person instruction, live webinars, and on-demand online courses. Learn more about this electrolysis hair removal, its benefits, and what to expect during appointments. How Does Electrolysis Work? Electrolysis is an advanced hair removal...

Woman admiring healthy-looking skin in bathroom mirror after applying skincare routine

Skin Care: Starting Sooner Is a Great Idea

It’s never too early to find and implement a good skincare routine. Tending to your skin and its needs sooner can help prevent or slow down the effects of aging. As equally as important as when you decide to start implementing a skincare routine into your daily lifestyle is which products you choose. There are several products and techniques available to help individuals achieve the look they desire. HICI Go is a learning platform offering instruction on a wide variety of health and beauty topics, including skincare courses. We offer live, in-person courses, live webinars, and online courses to beauty professionals and enthusiasts. Here, we provide insight into the...

Patient undergoing laser hair removal treatment while wearing protective glasses

Laser Hair Removal: Doing It Safely

People with unwanted hair may need a more permanent solution than shaving, waxing, epilating, or other methods. In turn, laser hair removal continues to grow in popularity. One of the reasons more people are opting for laser hair removal treatment is because of how safe it can be. However, knowing how to safely administer laser hair removal services requires extensive knowledge and skill. HICI Go is an education platform offering instruction on health and wellness topics – including an online laser safety training course and other skincare courses – through a diverse array of live webinars, on-demand online courses, and in-person courses. Here, we dive deeper into what...

Bottle of essential oil on wooden table with dried orange slices and lavender sprigs

The Best Essential Oils for Massage

Essential oils are concentrated extracts that come from plants, flowers, and herbs. When these oils are removed from their plant source through distillation or mechanical extraction, they retain the plant’s unique aroma. For thousands of years, these powerful extracts have been used in folk medicine across different cultures. Today, many massage therapists and other wellness practitioners use essential oils as part of their services. HICI Go is a learning platform with beauty and wellness courses, including a wide variety of massage techniques, open to professionals who need to pursue continuing education opportunities, as well as massage therapy students and individuals who simply want to learn new concepts and...