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Nails can work to accessorize any look. Nails can be dramatic or sophisticated, depending on personal preferences and desires. Learning about the different nail techniques and application processes can benefit both beginners and seasoned professionals.

HICI Go includes nail tech courses in our offerings of webinars, and online video courses on demand for students across the U.S., along with live in-person courses at our partnering institutions at partner schools in Florida, Connecticut, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Texas. Learn more about the nail techniques students can learn through HICI Go.

Nail Techniques

Students can learn about many kinds of manicures and techniques through our courses at HICI Go, including:

Regular Manicure

A regular manicure is the most basic type of manicure that involves completing the necessary prep work and painting color onto natural nails. Before applying polish, hands must be cleaned, nails must be trimmed and filed, and cuticles must be cut. After prepping the nails, nail technicians apply the polish using a brush. They typically apply a base coat, color coat, and top coat to finish. Clients must wait for their nails to fully dry before leaving the salon.

Soft Gel Nails

Soft gel nails are a traditional gel manicure in that they use regular gel nail polish to color natural nails. Soft gel nail polish is like regular nail polish, meaning technicians paint the polish directly onto natural nails. However, soft gel nails use a UV light between each coat to harden and set each layer. In turn, this dries the nails and makes them more durable, creating a hard shell on top of natural nails. A soft gel manicure is more durable than regular polish and can typically last around two to three weeks.

Hard Gel Nails

Hard gel nails are a type of manicure that uses hard gel to create a durable shell on top of natural nails. A gel paste is applied over natural nails and is brushed and sculpted until smooth. Hard gel nails offer more possibilities when it comes to customizing the look of your nails. This is because hard gel can be sculpted to create gel nail extensions. This is a great alternative to an acrylic manicure.

Acrylic Manicure

Acrylic nails are a durable kind of manicure that involves many steps. Alongside regular nail prep, technicians use a mix of liquid and powder acrylic to create a paste. Nail technicians first apply a plastic tip or nail extension to the end of your natural nails. Then, they brush the acrylic gel onto the natural nail and nail extension. After the paste dries, nails are shaped and drilled to make them thinner and more natural. From there, your nail technician can paint your nails using regular polish, gel polish, or dip powder.

Dip Powder Manicure

A dip powder manicure is a type of manicure that uses powder to add color to nails. To begin, nail technicians paint a base coat of polish onto natural nails. Next, the finger is dipped into the color powder. This process is repeated a couple of times to ensure colors appear bright and even. To finish it off, nail technicians add a top coat. Once the top coat dries, clients can leave the salon. Dip nails can offer more durability than a soft gel manicure, and they’re designed to dry without exposure to UV light.

Nail Courses at HICI Go

HICI Go offers a variety of courses for students looking to learn more about nails and other cosmetology fields. Here, students can become familiar with the most recent technologies used in the industry along with current trends, modern nail techniques, proper nail application, and safety procedures.

Students can learn from instructors with extensive experience in the nail industry, gaining insight from a real professional. Students can use their instructors as resources for necessary, useful information, which can help them succeed in their endeavors. Our live webinars and online video courses can be taken anywhere in the U.S. This means students can learn from the comfort of their own home, and they can take courses at times that work best with their schedule.

We also partner with institutions across Florida, including Tampa, St. Petersburg, Orlando, and Miami, as well as other states like Connecticut, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Texas to deliver live in-person courses. If you attend one of our partnering institutions, you automatically receive your HICI Go account information and are free to begin taking online courses, as well. Everyone is invited to take our classes, from beginners to seasoned professionals. Beginners can get their foot in the door and learn the basics of nail prep and application. Professionals can stay updated on popular trends and efficient techniques to continue their success.

Expand Your Nail Skills With HICI Go

HICI Go is here for students across the U.S. who want to learn more about nails and other subjects in the cosmetology industry. We provide live in-person courses at our partnering institutions, Cortiva Institute and Hollywood Institute, in Florida and other states, along with live webinars and online video classes. To learn more about our nail tech classes and other courses we offer, contact us today.