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Advance your career as an esthetician with our in-person skincare classes in Florida and throughout the US.

These in-person skincare classes in Florida and throughout the US help estheticians explore more job opportunities in the beauty industry. Topics covered include:

– Dermaplaning: Resurfaces the skin by removing the vellus hair and top layers of skin with a sharp razor to make it appear younger and smoother

– Eyelash extensions: Attaches synthetic eyelashes to the client’s real lashes to enhance their length, thickness, curl, and fullness

– Hydrofacials: Removes dead skin cells and impurities from the skin while cleansing and hydrating it

– Aromatherapy facial rejuvenation: Mixes aromatherapy with massage to revitalize the skin

– Wood therapy myofascial massage: Combines manual tactics and wooden massage tools to improve lymph flow and contour the body

– Chakra balancing: Conducted alone or with a massage

– Intimate brightening: Involves hyper-pigmentation to add shine in intimate areas

– Vajacials: Prevents ingrown hairs, removes hair, and exfoliates the skin in intimate areas

– Cavitation: Uses ultrasound technology to break down fat cells under the skin

– Laser tattoo removal: Offers a safe way to eliminate tattoos

– Thermocoagulation: Improves the appearance of skin by reducing unwanted skin blemishes or abnormalities with a high-frequency current

Other available in-person courses for estheticians in Florida and throughout the US include Heart Saver- CPR & AED Training, Reiki, cupping, and raindrop therapy.