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HICI Go welcomes all professionals seeking license renewal credits and all day-to-day education enthusiasts to take advantage of our low cost CEUs & Workshops to further their expertise.



Expand your opportunities as a massage therapist by participating in online massage classes from HICI Go.

We offer two primary online classes intended to help you learn massage — Building Your Business – Reflexology and Chakra Foundations. These online courses augment your understanding of massage therapy in the following ways:

Building Your Business – Reflexology

This course teaches the basics of Reflexology and Bodywork while providing business strategies. Reflexology and Bodywork are alternative medical practices that involve physically manipulating the body. Students will learn the steps to creating an effective business plan, marketing strategies, and similar concepts.

Chakra Foundations

Add energy services to your business catalog by taking this online course, which helps develop the necessary skills for performing Chakra services. It instructs participants on methods that hone their sensitivity and intuition and foster a safe space for their clients. The course will emphasize integrating these energy techniques with other competencies students have mastered.