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Eyebrow Shaping

Client sits while beauty practitioner uses a device to measure lengths for eyebrow shapingThere are few topics as charged as eyebrow shaping in the current beauty and fashion environment. With so many popular eyebrow shapes trending, and such a variety of techniques for creating these signature looks, both professional beauty practitioners and makeup enthusiasts want to learn as much as they can about eyebrow shaping.

HICI Go offers many courses on eyebrows and eyelashes, including eyebrow shaping. Across the United States, training is available via live webinars or online, anytime. Through our partner schools in Florida, Connecticut, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Texas, live in-person courses are available. Across the United States, training is available via live webinars or online, anytime.

Here, we discuss the process of eyebrow shaping and the benefits of our educational platform.

Learn Eyebrow Shaping Principles and Techniques

With the educational platform at HICI Go, estheticians, salon practitioners, and all who are fashion-forward can gain detailed knowledge about eyebrow-shaping techniques. These include:


When estheticians use warm wax to remove eyebrow hairs, they are using a proven, flexible technique for eyebrow shaping. The practitioner must be versed in sterile hygiene, making sure to clean the area before the wax is applied. After an initial consultation and decision on shape, eyebrow waxing takes minimal time during follow-up appointments for upkeep.


This technique requires more training and often requires the practitioner to become certified under state regulations. This technique uses semi-permanent tattoos. A brush or blade made up of small needles is dipped in ink before stroking it under the existing eyebrows. While it does fade out over time and requires touchups, it usually lasts at least six months and can persist for over a year.

Touchup Techniques

Common practices such as tweezing and applying makeup should always be performed hygienically. Sterilizing tweezers and keeping your makeup applicators clean helps to improve skin tone and reduce breakouts and irritations. Learn from experts by taking courses at HICI Go and boost your skin care game.

Why Is Eyebrow Shaping So Important?

The shape and style of the eyebrows fundamentally impact the appearance of each person’s face. At the same time, the way the eyebrows look can be an individual choice. Makeup colors and styles often work with eyebrow shaping to create attractive presentations.

Hair color and style also are factors when it comes to creating eyebrow shapes. But it comes down to individuality and choice. And that’s why beauty professionals and enthusiasts require a high level of training and experience when it comes to eyebrow shaping and other enhancements.

Clients depend on their stylists to analyze their features and suggest looks that improve their appearance. Since no face is even and completely balanced, practitioners need a trained eye, aesthetic perception, and artistry to provide a polished, clean look. When it comes to eyebrow shaping, there are many factors to consider, including the wishes of the client, the structure of the face, makeup choices, fashion senses, and preferences.

How Eyebrow Shaping Benefits Your Beauty Practice

Professional estheticians and other skin care and makeup practitioners can incorporate eyebrow waxing and eyebrow shaping into their current practice. This provides a valuable service for existing clients and can attract new clients. Once a reputation is earned for eyebrow shaping, services rise in demand. In addition, clients may choose to receive more complete waxing services, opting to visit one practitioner and combine appointments.

Eyebrow shaping requires an initial, in-depth consultation where practitioners and clients can get to know each other and develop a rapport. If the relationship and services are found acceptable, frequent touchup appointments are required for eyebrow shaping. That means more appointments for the salon or studio. When clients feel secure in the services provided, knowing that the highest level of cleanliness and expertise is provided, more referrals are sure to follow.

Why Choose HICI Go?

HICI Go is an online center that hosts a diverse catalog of health and beauty courses online for people across the U.S. Students who take in-person courses at our partner institutions, Cortiva Institute and Hollywood Institute, receive a login for HICI Go online courses and live webinars. In this way, they can expand the number of courses available to them, including eyebrow shaping.

Beauty professionals embrace continuing education options that accommodate busy schedules with HICI Go. And for all the social media influencers and fashion-savvy people who desire to understand the trends and techniques in beauty, health, and wellness, HICI Go offers the opportunity for extensive training. Eyebrow shaping is just one of the many topics available. Well-regarded experts teach all our courses.

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The multiple courses and varied levels of access offered by HICI Go form a valuable reservoir of education and training for beauty and wellness professionals across the U.S. Explore online courses on skin care, makeup, and eyebrow-shaping techniques, or attend live courses in Florida, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Texas, or Maryland. Contact us today.