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The beauty and wellness sectors are hotbeds of innovation. Trends come and go, along with requisite skillsets and techniques. Professionals and interested amateurs are often searching for ways to expand their menu of offerings and their latest looks.

Find out about HICI Go and its extensive, ever-expanding catalog of cosmetology school, beauty, and massage therapy courses. This unique platform offers live webinars and video courses available online, anytime throughout the U.S.  Our partner cosmetology schools offer live in-person classes in Florida, Connecticut, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

HICI Go Partner Schools

Students who are formally enrolled in our partner schools, Cortiva Institute and Hollywood Institute, receive an account for access to HICI Go online courses along with their tuition. Along with interested professionals and beauty aficionados across the U.S., they can explore their interests in a variety of classes ranging from eyebrow shaping to business strategies.

All instructors are experienced professionals, and courses are hosted by these nationally accredited partner schools and licensed continuing education unit providers. The HICI Go team takes care of quality control for all classes, both live and online.

Beauty and Wellness Courses Available With HICI Go

HICI Go offers a diverse variety of topics. Beauty and wellness professionals can take advantage of our low-cost continuing education credits and learn from respected industry professionals. Those who want to learn about new skincare techniques, massage therapy skills, or other cosmetology school subjects are welcome to take the classes, as well. What’s more, there is a choice of in-person or online access, so learners can find a comfortable venue in which to explore their interests. Here are the main course areas offered through HICI Go:

Skin Care

Taking care of our skin is one of the most important aspects of wellness and beauty. Whether you’re interested in learning about hydrogen oxygen facials, dermaplaning, sugaring, or other techniques, these HICI Go skincare courses offer worthwhile instruction for students at all levels.

Other skincare courses include:

Massage Therapy

There are so many massage techniques and traditions representing a diverse range of cultures. Every practitioner has opportunities to keep learning new ideas and skills. With the massage courses offered through HICI Go, both experienced therapists and newcomers to the field will find topics of interest, such as hot stone massage, Thai massage, lymphatic drainage techniques, and therapies to treat specific pains.

Other massage courses include:


Nails are such an exciting segment of the beauty industry. They’re an important aspect of good skin care and taking care of them requires considerable skill and standards of hygiene. They also coordinate looks, match makeup and hair, and call attention to the latest fashion trends. HICI Go offers several nail courses in this rapidly changing beauty school field.

Learn about manicure techniques, gel extensions and more.


Makeup is creative, colorful, and essential for fashion. Those who have a sensibility for beauty usually also have an interest in makeup. Coordinated with skincare routines, makeup also impacts health and well-being. A topic that has many applications, from stage and film to fashion runways and date nights, the makeup courses available through HICI Go provide skills and knowledge to practitioners at all levels.

Learn airbrush makeup fundamentals and more.


People spend lots of time thinking about their hair, coloring their hair, getting haircuts, and trying new styles. Through HICI Go hair courses, those interested in beauty, wellness, and fashion can explore many topics related to haircare and hair styling with industry professionals. Topics include hair coloring, balayage, highlights, color melting, and color matching.


Barber shops are popping up in hip downtown areas and shopping centers across the country. What is fueling this new interest in an honored tradition? Find out with HICI Go barbering courses. There are many new styles available that appeal to a variety of demographics. From ethnic-inspired hair fashions to shaving and beard styles, barbering is taking center stage.

Eyebrows and Eyelashes

The eyebrows and eyelashes are important aspects of beauty. HICI Go courses include:


After becoming more proficient in cosmetology and beauty, you may wish to start your own business. Or, if you already own a salon or spa, you may want to increase your business skills to explore new opportunities.

Whether you want to offer beauty and massage services to clients or teach online cosmetology school classes, the business courses available with HICI Go will help you start, develop, and expand your business goals. Our courses provide experienced instruction in a variety of topics, including business ethics, developing your intuition, marketing, and building up your business.

Through these topics, HICI Go courses help wellness and beauty professionals stay up to date with their certifications and licenses. There are also opportunities to acquire new skills, learn new techniques, and solidify past knowledge.

Those who are considering attending cosmetology schools can try out HICI Go to see which subjects might be a good fit. Casual learners are also welcome to join our courses and learn about skin care, massage, and beauty topics.

Continuing Cosmetology Education With HICI Go

Many HICI Go courses are approved for continuing education credits. Additionally, our partner cosmetology schools in Florida, Connecticut, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Texas are approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork. Explore the HICI Go catalog for more information about CEU certifications.

Licensed professionals choose life-long learning with HICI Go courses because they offer flexibility with both live in-person classes and online learning. We provide opportunities to go where you want for the class and to learn in the format you prefer.

Keep Learning With HICI Go

HICI Go is an online center that helps professionals and others interested in beauty and massage therapy take cosmetology school courses on a variety of topics. This system is convenient; we offer courses live via live webinars along with video courses that can be accessed anytime. These classes all are taught by experienced industry professionals, so learners can trust their quality.

What’s more, individuals who participate in in-person courses at our partnering schools receive an account to access online instruction, further enabling them to advance their careers. Discover how HICI Go courses can help you learn new skills and techniques from anywhere in the U.S. Contact us today.