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Thai Massage

Individual receiving massage by therapist in traditional Thai position Learning about the art of Thai massage involves more than just technique. It also encompasses the study of how energy flows throughout the body to improve health and well-being. HICI Go offers live in-person courses, live webinars, and online courses to individuals in Florida and other states, making beauty and wellness instruction easily accessible for many. Whether you’re looking for massage continuing education to enhance your skills as a professional massage therapist or are simply interested in how Thai massage works, you may consider our courses. Learn more about Thai massage and our massage therapy courses at HICI Go.

What Is Thai Massage?

Thai massage is a unique type of massage therapy using ancient Chinese medicinal techniques. As a fully-body technique, Thai massage recipients lie down on a mat while the therapist uses rocking, stretching, and pulling methods to reduce tension and stimulate energy.

This type of massage is like yoga in that the client must stretch and perform certain exercises and positions, requiring more participation on behalf of the client. However, a massage therapist assists clients during these stretches, pushing and pulling the body to relieve tension. The techniques for Thai massage differ from traditional massage because therapists can use many parts of their body to alleviate pain and stiffness. With traditional massages, therapists use only their hands. With Thai massage, they may use their feet, hands, forearms, thumbs, or elbows.

Unlike some Western approaches, Thai massage does not include rubbing oils or creams into problematic or irritated muscles. Instead, the method focuses solely on manipulating the body to facilitate and promote energy flow.

The science behind Thai massage looks at Sen, or energy channels that travel through the body. These energy channels impact many body parts, like the nerves, bones, blood, and muscles. Tight muscles can produce a blockage in Sen, leading to pain and soreness. Using Thai massage techniques can open up your Sen and improve the energy flow.

Benefits of Thai Massage

Thai massage not only helps to facilitate energy flow throughout the body but can also provide many health benefits. For example, it can improve flexibility and circulation, increasing the amount of oxygen that reaches body tissues. Thai massage can also decrease tension and improve relaxation, give you more energy, and alleviate persistent feelings of fatigue.

The movements associated with Thai massage can potentially improve the symptoms of those with specific health issues, as well. It can provide relief from side effects for the following conditions:

Frequent Headaches or Migraines

Clients suffering from frequent and severe migraines and headaches can benefit from a Thai massage. This is because it may relieve tension throughout the body, decreasing symptoms.

Back Pain

Because Thai massage works to stretch and pull the muscles, it can potentially ease pain in the back. This is especially true for those who experience both lower and upper back pain. The exercises involved with this style of massage relieve pressure in trigger points like back muscles. The stretching techniques used can also decrease stiff back muscles, exercising them to become looser and more comfortable with frequent movement.

Joint Pain and Stiffness

Thai massage can greatly improve joint pain and stiffness because clients must participate in stretching and moving around. It can stretch the joints to improve mobility, range of motion, and pain relief. It can also increase blood flow and circulate oxygen for comfortable, day-to-day joint movement. In addition, Thai massage can help with joint fluid circulation, which decreases joint friction and causes less pain during movement.


Even though Thai massage involves a more active approach to massage therapy, it can still work to improve symptoms of anxiety and stress. The calming nature of the massage can promote relaxation, and massage therapists use various techniques and methods to reduce stress in the body.

Thai Massage & Other Massage Courses at HICI Go

HICI Go offers accessible online massage courses for people across the U.S. We also partner with Cortiva Institute, Hollywood Institute, and other institutions throughout Florida, Connecticut, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Texas. Those who participate in courses at our partner institutes can access in-person courses and other resources to gain the knowledge needed for perfecting their craft. Anyone is eligible to participate in our courses, including professionals looking to further their education in massage therapy and casual learners.

Throughout our Thai massage course, students can learn massage aspects and techniques, including:

  • Different stretching and pulling techniques
  • Adhering to the client’s comfort
  • Client interaction
  • Sen and energy flow throughout the body

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Located in the U.S., HICI Go is dedicated to providing those with a passion for beauty and wellness in Florida and other states with various online and in-person courses. Those who participate in courses at our partner institutions automatically receive a login to access the online courses as well, ensuring our resources are easily available to those studying massage therapy and other ventures in the beauty industry. To learn more about Thai massage and other massage therapy courses we offer, contact us today.