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The beauty industry offers many opportunities for experienced makeup artists. From salons to weddings and theatrical sets, there are countless ways to put makeup application skills to use.

HICI Go is an online education program where professionals, budding artists, and enthusiasts can expand their skills through a diverse array of makeup courses. With in-person classes, live webinars, and video courses, we offer several ways to learn. Our in-person courses are available in Florida, Connecticut, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Texas. On-demand video courses and live webinars are available across the country, spreading our dedication to beauty, health, and wellness.

Who Can Learn?

The beauty industry is constantly evolving. New tools, technologies, techniques, and trends mean there is always something new to learn. Ever-changing interests require cosmetologists to stay up-to-date on popular styles while constantly looking forward to future trends.

In-person makeup courses and online makeup courses offered through HICI Go are excellent ways for professionals to continue their education. Experienced instructors provide clear and engaging lessons, helping you keep your skills sharp while expanding your repertoire to serve more needs and help you reach a broader clientele. Courses are also a means of keeping up with trends and technologies, helping you constantly update your toolbox to outpace your competition and meet ever-changing demands.

Though designed to provide continuing professional education, HICI Go also welcomes non-professionals. Our courses provide opportunities for beginners to get their start in the beauty industry, or for at-home enthusiasts to explore new skills and ideas.

Techniques Taught

HICI Go aims to provide a complete education, providing professionals and enthusiasts with the makeup tools and techniques they need to succeed. Our course listings are updated frequently to reflect current technologies and trends, keeping students current and knowledgeable about the following categories:


Regular facials rejuvenate your client’s natural skin, helping them look fresh and blemish-free even before makeup is applied. Staying up-to-date on the latest products and practices is essential to maintain a competitive edge. HICI Go trains in medical-grade Hydrogen Oxygen Facials for a soothing, relaxing client experience and to ensure lasting freshness.

Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush makeup is rising in popularity for its flawless coverage, lightweight feel, long-lasting wear, and super-smooth, movie-model finish. Master this field with HICI Go, learning how to apply airbrush foundation to achieve your client’s ideal look, as well as when to choose airbrush over traditional techniques.

Eye Shadow

There’s an art to crafting the right eye treatment for the right occasion. HICI Go eye shadow courses train you in expert color coordination and other techniques to make your clients dazzle. You’ll explore current trends and classic favorites, smoky ombre and crisp cat eyes, subtle shades and bold theatrical designs, and similar applications.

Eyelashes and Eyebrows

Shaping, waxing, and extensions are popular trends in the beauty industry. Done correctly, these techniques have a transformative effect that enhances facial symmetry, highlights the eyes, adds youth, and builds your client’s self-confidence. HICI Go offers a variety of eyebrow and eyelash courses to help you perfect these skills and gain an edge against your competition.

Wedding Makeup

Everyone wants to look their best on their special day. Our makeup courses teach you the skills you need to help clients achieve this dream, including tool use and care, application best practices, and current trends. We’ll also show you how to self-promote, build a clientele, and run a successful business in the wedding makeup industry.

Ways to Learn

HICI Go offers live in-person courses for students throughout Florida, especially Tampa, St. Petersburg, Orlando, and Miami, and in Connecticut, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Texas through our partner schools, Cortiva Institute and Hollywood Institute.

For students throughout the United States, or for those who prefer to learn remotely, we also provide two ways to learn online. Live webinars let you engage directly with your remote instructor, while online, anytime video courses provide on-demand education to fit your busy schedule. Students enrolled in a partner school receive a free account for online instruction, enabling them to take maximum advantage of every way to learn.

Our partner schools are nationally accredited and licensed Continuing Education Unit (CEU) providers. You can be confident that no matter which learning method you choose, you will receive a quality education.

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