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Eyelash Extensions

Lash artist uses tools to attach eyelash extensions on a clientLashes can be altered to achieve a desired look with eyelash extensions. They can create the look of mascara without having to apply the makeup. Beautiful eyebrows and eyelashes accentuate the eyes, which are often a focus of human communication and fashion. HICI Go offers courses for beauty professionals and non-professionals alike. Our educational platform offers live webinars and online anytime courses, and our partner institutions offer live in-person courses in Florida, Connecticut, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

What Are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are additional, individual lashes that are attached to a person’s natural lashes. They are designed to provide more volume to the eyelashes, and the lash artist can access a variety of lash mapping styles to further define the look. Lash extensions are made from several different materials, including silk, mink, faux fur, and synthetics such as acrylics or plastic fibers. Human hair also can be used.

Beauty professionals can receive training via HICI Go to learn how to carefully choose the type of lash and plan the final appearance through a lash mapping process. Considerations of thickness, color, and curve are covered during the initial consultation and planning appointment. Lash mapping allows the practitioner to follow through during application, making sure the eyelash extension is the agreed-upon shape and length when finished. It also serves as a guide for the lash artist, as they glue each individual lash onto the natural eyelashes.

Benefits of Eyelash Extensions and Lash Mapping

Eyelash extensions provide fuller, darker eyelashes that don’t require mascara. And they last for at least six weeks to two months. The lashes remain separated with light daily combing. In this way, eyelash extensions reduce the amount of time spent each day applying and removing makeup. Clients can choose their look and depend on it day after day.

After six weeks or so, all the extensions start to fall out along with the normal cycle of the natural lashes to which they are attached. As individual natural lashes fall out, making room for regrowth, the attached eyelash extension will also fall. However, the lash growth cycle is asynchronous. That is why it is recommended that the lashes be filled in periodically, every two to three weeks. This regular maintenance helps avoid a patchy appearance and keeps all the lashes looking great. At some point, the eyelash extensions are ready to be completely removed and the process starts over again.

Learn About Eyelash Extensions With HICI Go

In addition to the creative aspect of eyelash extensions, such as suggesting what thickness or type of extension to use, consulting on lash mapping styles, and helping create a proposed final look, there are many technical aspects to the process. Courses at HICI Go help practitioners understand which glues are safe to use, as well as the painstaking process of attaching individual lash extensions to the natural lashes. This is done lash by lash and takes patience and expertise. By working with seasoned professionals, either in person or online, HICI Go students can confidently approach this in-demand beauty service. Non-professionals can understand the process better as they consider the addition of eyelash extensions to their beauty routines.

Practitioners must also be able to explain to clients how to take care of their eyelash extensions, whether to go swimming, how soon they can take a shower, and how to keep their lashes fluffy and full. Technique training includes instruction on how to use sanitary, hygienic methods and choose products that don’t cause irritation or other problems for the eyes. In addition, the eyes and eyebrows are located on a delicate area of the face, so knowledge and experience in skin care methods are also recommended.

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Active participants in fashion and the beauty industry need continuing education to learn new skills and gain further certifications. New techniques and products are always being developed, and tried and true methods are being used in new ways. Keep up with the demand for up-to-date services with HICI Go online courses and live webinars.

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