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Become an Educator: Massage and Cosmetology Instructor Jobs

If you are passionate about your craft and want to spread that knowledge to others, becoming a massage or cosmetology instructor can be a great move in your career. Not only can it allow you to share your knowledge, but it will also help you stay updated on the most modern advancements and improve in your own endeavors.

HICI Go is an online education platform that connects learners with a diverse array of live webinars, on-demand online video courses, and in-person courses at partner schools in Florida, Connecticut, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

At HICI Go, we allow instructors to create their own lesson plans and schedules that work best for them. This way, instructors can still keep their own businesses up and running while teaching. We make it easy for instructors to live out each of their passions in the cosmetology and wellness industry.

Learn more about how to become a massage teacher or cosmetology instructor through HICI Go.

Skills Needed to Be an Instructor

Our instructors at HICI Go teach aspiring cosmetologists and masseuses the skills and techniques needed to enter the cosmetology industry and help professionals expand their skill sets. They provide essential knowledge and insight into what it takes to become successful.

As an instructor, you must know how to create and organize a detailed, concise lesson plan. You must also have good presentation skills and demonstration skills. This is because you are going to show students how to perform certain procedures and use products properly. Your teachings will employ a hands-on approach, especially for our in-person courses. Hands-on experience is essential to working in the cosmetology and massage industry.

Instructors are also a reliable resource for students, so you must be knowledgeable in the industry to give students the support they need. In some cases, you may also be a resource for emotional and mental support. Finishing cosmetology and massage courses can be challenging, and deciding what to do next can be stressful. As an instructor, you are there to provide a helping hand in case students need additional support.

Becoming an Instructor at HICI Go

To become an instructor at HICI Go, you must have your cosmetology license or equivalent certification. You must also be experienced in the industry so you can give students helpful advice and information. To apply, you must create your own class and coursework and submit it to us. Next, you would sign a Commission Contract for teaching at HICI Go. Following the completion of your course, you would then receive a payout from us. Upon applying, instructors get course breakdown training. From there, HICI Go markets your course online, via email, or through on-campus flyers.

At HICI Go, instructors have the freedom to customize their teaching schedule and plan. For starters, instructors can choose a commission plan. They can also choose their own schedule and method in which they want to teach, perhaps teaching an in-person course at one of our partner institutions, Cortiva Institute and Hollywood Institute, or teaching online video courses or live webinars. This allows instructors to complete their teaching duties alongside their usual day-to-day jobs. This can be a great side gig for professionals who want to share their knowledge of the industry. It can also be a good way for professionals to get their name out there and spread information about their own services. Becoming an instructor can even help you improve your own skills.

Courses Offered at HICI Go

Instructors can teach many specialized skills required in one or many specialties in cosmetology. HICI Go provides a variety of courses in the cosmetology field, including:

HICI Go instructors must keep up with the latest trends in the cosmetology world, including popular hair coloring techniques, makeup styles, skin care techniques, nail designs, and more. This way, you can keep students and professional hairstylists up-to-date on these trends. In turn, this allows you to efficiently teach your classes using the most modern techniques and procedures. Not only can this help students gain useful information, but it also keeps you relevant and successful in the cosmetology industry.

HICI Go offers courses to both working professionals and those looking to pursue a career in the cosmetology world. This means that as an instructor, you are responsible for teaching both industry professionals and beginners in cosmetology. Instructors must be able to answer a variety of questions and accommodate their lessons to many different skill levels.

Teach at HICI Go

Instructors can teach anywhere in the U.S. for our live webinars and online video courses, and they can teach in-person classes at our partner locations in Florida, attracting students from Tampa, St. Petersburg, Orlando, and Miami, and in Connecticut, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Texas. To learn more about our cosmetology instructor opportunities, contact us today.


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