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Starting a Business in Beauty and Wellness? Here’s Some Advice

Part of what makes a career in beauty and wellness so rewarding is that it can take you anywhere. Massage therapists, hairstylists, estheticians, nail technicians, and similar professionals work in a variety of settings and serve various clients. As you become more experienced in your field, you may be interested in opening your own salon or spa. Of course, you’ll need to understand the basics of owning and operating a business before considering this direction, and that’s where HICI Go comes in.

HICI Go is an online education platform for people interested in beauty and wellness topics, including business courses. We connect learners with a diverse array of live webinars, on-demand online courses, and in-person courses. We offer a diverse catalog of beauty and wellness courses designed to help professionals continue their education in their field.

Discover the business topics you can learn with courses from HICI Go.

Why Start Your Own Beauty Business?

From healthcare facilities to trade schools to all-inclusive resorts, there are many employers of beauty and wellness professionals. Opportunities abound, and employment for many of these occupations is expected to be higher than the average rate for the foreseeable future. Despite this positive job outlook, you may still wish to become self-employed and open your own business. Reasons include:

Maintain Schedule Flexibility

Working for yourself means establishing hours that best meet your needs. You don’t have to do the standard 9 to 5 schedule; you may choose to work nights and weekends. A unique schedule can also make you stand out from competitors, as well as allow you to meet other obligations. Need a vacation? Owning your own business, you won’t need to worry about being approved for time off.

Specialize Your Services

Working at a traditional spa or salon, you may have found that certain services or techniques are your forte. When you open your own business, you can center your services on what you most enjoy doing, whether it’s a specific approach to massage therapy or skin care.

Set Your Own Rates

Self-employment gives you the power to make decisions that impact the bottom line. This includes determining how much you’ll charge for your services, the kinds of promotions you offer and when, and the types of products you use (which can dictate prices). For example, setting yourself up as a locally owned small business offering high-quality, personalized services can set you apart from the chain establishments in the area.

Make the Work Environment Your Own

Working for an employer means following their guidelines for dress codes and how stations are decorated. Being self-employed means creating an atmosphere that conveys your values and personality. This can also help draw interest. For instance, if you value creativity, you may toss uniforms in favor of letting employees wear clothing that expresses their personality, provided it’s appropriate and safe. Such a decision shows clients you’re willing to think outside the box with hairstyling or makeup and nail artistry.

Beauty and Wellness Business Courses at HICI Go

The business side of beauty and wellness is very different from the services. It requires having an entirely different set of skills. By taking business courses from HICI Go, individuals can merge their creative and technical skills with business knowledge to own and manage a successful organization.

The topics our courses cover will help you understand the licenses and certifications involved with running a business, as well as strategies to expand operations. If you completed business classes a long time ago, they serve as a great refresher as you seek to grow your career. Some business topics explored include:

Building a Business

These courses set the foundation for starting a business. They explain the principles and best practices for owning and managing a beauty and wellness enterprise, covering ideas like designing an effective business plan, figuring out your goals for starting or growing a business, handling financial responsibilities, and securing the right credentials and certifications. They prove valuable whether you’re just starting your business or growing it.

Health and Wellness Marketing

Effective marketing is a core component of any successful business. These courses explore basic marketing principles and different tactics for increasing the visibility of your business. They help you craft a marketing plan and goals and objectives that drive your efforts. You’ll learn how to set a budget for marketing campaigns and conduct analyses.

Professional Ethics

Maintaining business ethics helps the reputation and longevity of your business. These courses discuss the specific considerations of ethical legality in the beauty and wellness realm. Topics include state licensure and insurance requirements and federal regulations. They also cover risk management strategies and effective ways of handling workplace conflicts.

Learn More About Starting a Business in Beauty and Wellness

With business courses from HICI Go, you gain the knowledge and confidence to begin exploring entrepreneurship in the beauty and wellness space. We provide courses in several formats, including live webinars and online classes that you can complete anytime. Additionally, individuals can learn about different topics in beauty and wellness, such as massage therapy and skin care, with live, in-person courses offered at partner institutions in Florida and other states.

Our course listings change frequently, so check back soon to see if there are new business courses you might be interested in taking. Contact us for more information and learn with HICI Go today.