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What Do People Say About Us?

Check out what your users said about us to discover the importance and impact that continuing education can have on your career as a licensed working professional in Beauty, Health, and Wellness.

Massage Therapy

Course Taken: Reiki Master training

Classes are always fun and the content was clear and extremely detailed and though provoking.

Massage Therapy

Course Taken: Foundations of Cupping

10 out of 10 – I liked how comfortable I was, I appreciate it!

Massage Therapy

Course Taken: Wood Therapy Myofascial Massage

Instructor kept my eyes & mind open for new things and answered all questions. Would do it again!

Skin Care

Course Taken: Speed Waxing

Instructor was thorough and recognized all of our questions. Clear demonstrations helped students understand and apply.

Skin Care

Course Taken: Speed Waxing

The course was great; the instructor was very detailed and made sure everyone left with something new that they did not know .

Skin Care

Course Taken: Body Wrapping

All materials were great and was amazing with instruction, was very hands on with every student.

Makeup / Skin Care

Course Taken: The Perfect Brow

I left class today with confidence and perfected my craft with knowledge taught by the instructor.


Course Taken: Barbering for Cosmo

Very detailed, understood everything...very nice and relatable, so excited for more of these classes.


Course Taken: Vibrant Color Class

Super Fun and Exciting. Would take this class again.


Course Taken: Nail Sculpture Class

Overall, it was a great experience, and I learned a lot. The instructor was very knowledgeable.

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