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Set of blank makeup bottles ready for brandingThe success of any beauty business relies on the strength of its marketing. Branding, social media presence, digital data analysis, search engine optimization – all these and more will influence how many potential clients discover your product or service. Existing and would-be business owners must develop and constantly refine marketing skills to attract and retain customers.

HICI Go is an educational platform offering a diverse array of live webinars, on-demand online courses, and in-person courses to professionals, beginners, and enthusiasts. We train students in the essential skills they need to succeed and make their mark in an ever-changing industry. Learn more about the beauty and wellness marketing courses at HICI Go.

The Importance of Beauty Marketing

Many beauty and wellness professionals dream of owning and running their own business. Turning your passion into a successful enterprise can be challenging. In addition to hair, skin, or nail care techniques, you must also be familiar with marketing basics to establish and expand your brand. That is especially true in the ever-changing, trends-focused beauty industry.

HICI Go offers a variety of beauty and business courses designed for professionals running or building their own enterprises. Our marketing courses will provide you with the basic tools required to run and market a successful beauty business. You will learn to:

  • Identify the unique marketable strengths of your product or service.
  • Develop a brand that appeals to your audience and stands out against competitors.
  • Maintain an active social media presence with visual media, testimonials, and influencers to keep your target audience informed.
  • Use search engine optimization (SEO) to make your business easy to find online.
  • Adapt your marketing strategy in response to current hot topics and trends.
  • Take advantage of digital data to inform your campaign and maximize customer conversion.
  • Maintain ethical transparency to ensure a safe and healthy experience for your clients.

Why Choose HICI GO?

When receiving training for skills that are essential for your career’s success, it’s important to select an educator you trust. Here are just a few reasons you can trust HICI Go to deliver the education you are looking for:

Innovative Education

The beauty industry is always evolving. Successful business owners must adapt in response to trends and recent technologies. HICI Go changes course offerings frequently to stay up-to-date. Students can feel confident that their education reflects the current culture. Active professionals can keep returning to refresh their knowledge and stay competitive.

Experienced Instructors

All HICI Go courses are provided by our accredited partner schools and experienced instructors. That ensures a high standard of excellence in both our in-person and online platforms. Our educators are professionals themselves. They provide practical advice they have gained through personal experience with the past and present world of the beauty business.

Diverse Catalogue

HICI Go features a large catalog of courses covering a full range of beauty topics. In addition to business, our instructors also teach about makeup, massage, skincare, barbering, hair, nails, and more. Students receive a complete beauty education all from one source, making continued education easy and convenient.

All Levels of Education

While courses are designed to provide continuing education to active professionals, HICI Go is also open to beginners looking to break into the beauty industry. Even if you don’t already own your own business, HICI Go can teach the essential skills needed to establish one. Enthusiasts may also join in to broaden their understanding of the beauty industry.

Ways to Learn

At HICI Go, we understand that the beauty industry is fast-paced and often demanding. It can be difficult to fit classes into the busy schedule of a business owner. That is why we strive to meet students where they are. We offer three ways to learn, helping you craft an education that fits your needs and lifestyle.

For those seeking traditional education opportunities, we offer live in-person courses at our sister schools, Hollywood Institute and Cortiva Institute. In Florida, we teach students from Tampa, St. Petersburg, Orlando, Miami, and elsewhere. We also offer courses in Connecticut, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

We also provide multiple ways to learn online. Live webinars let you learn from anywhere in the United States while engaging directly with a remote instructor. Online, anytime video courses offer education when you want it for maximum scheduling flexibility.

Students enrolled at our partner schools receive free accounts for online instruction. That helps you take advantage of every learning opportunity HICI Go has to offer.

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If you are ready to develop your marketing skills, try HICI Go. We offer in-person courses in Florida and other states, along with video courses and webinars, helping professionals and beginners alike succeed in the beauty industry. Contact us to learn more about our current course offerings and develop an education plan that fits your lifestyle. Make an account to register now.