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Electrolysis being used to remove hair on a woman’s legHair removal is a key aspect of professional skin care in the beauty industry. Through the education platform at HICI Go, students can develop expertise in hair removal using electrolysis. Knowledge and experience are required because electrologists use electricity when performing this service.

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What Is Electrolysis?

Electrolysis is a process in which a small electric current is used for permanent hair removal. A very small, sterile needle is inserted directly into the hair follicle, which is a tube-like structure from which the root and hair grow.

The electricity destroys the root, which is the area that generates hair growth. More than one electrolysis treatment may be needed to completely eradicate hair growth. When the root is damaged, the hair falls out, and after one or several electrolysis treatments, the hair does not regrow.

Electrolysis is the only FDA-approved method for permanent hair removal. There are several types of instruments used in the beauty industry today that introduce slight differences in the use of electrical properties to remove hair. Electrologists can learn different methods of electrolysis and develop their preferences during skincare courses taught by expert estheticians on HICI Go’s online platform or in-person courses with our partner institutions, Cortiva Institute and Hollywood Institute.

Benefits of Electrolysis

The benefits of electrolysis and permanent hair removal of unwanted hair are clear to anyone who has repeatedly shaved before visiting the pool or wearing a sleeveless shirt. Clients choose electrolysis for a variety of reasons. They may want dark hairs removed from their faces, don’t care for the hair on their back, are tired of shaving, or find it difficult to keep up a regular schedule of waxing. After a few visits with the electrologist, their daily grooming routine becomes easier, and they save time.

Clients also find that permanent hair removal increases their ability to spontaneously join in activities, such as swimming, clothes shopping with friends, or a more formal night out. And it simplifies traveling, especially when the itinerary includes warm vacation climates.

There are also physiological reasons that clients pursue hair removal. They may have a condition known as hirsutism, or extreme hair growth. Electrolysis can help these clients create the appearance they prefer. And clients who are gender transitioning may also require the services of an electrologist to remove hair during the transition process. They may want hair removed to enhance a new look or hormone treatments may stimulate hair growth that then requires removal.

Another benefit of electrolysis is that it can be performed anywhere on the body. Beauty professionals know clients find hair growth annoying in a variety of places, including the forearms, shoulders, groin area, and legs. Anywhere a client wants hair removed is accessible and safe when using electrolysis. It also works well on most skin types.

Side Effects of Electrolysis

Electrologists must be aware of any common side effects of the procedure, such as redness of the skin, other forms of irritation, or pain and swelling. Usually, these side effects fade after a day or two. Through careful use of sterile techniques, and a thorough understanding of the physiology of hair growth, the esthetician can confidently treat side effects. Investing in educational courses that provide the training required to perform this in-demand technique is the best way to provide clients with quality services.

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The more you can offer clients in terms of understanding, safety, and experience, the more they will demand your services. Electrology is an excellent addition to any esthetician’s skill set. Or, if you’re a casual learner who wants to expand your knowledge of skin care practices, consider our courses on electrolysis. Discover new beauty techniques and develop valuable skills with HICI Go. Those who enroll at our partnering institutions in Florida, Connecticut, Texas, Maryland, and Pennsylvania receive an account to access our online instruction, as well. Contact us today.