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Gel Extensions

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Gel Nails

In the fast-paced world of nail salons and manicures, gel nails are gaining popularity. Nail technicians can explore creative designs and finishes for nails using this technology. And clients are enthusiastic about collaborating on design ideas for their nails. Both students of beauty techniques and nail professionals can learn nail techniques with the courses offered at HICI Go. Our unique educational platform provides courses with live webinars and online anytime options. We also offer live in-person courses through our partner schools in Florida, Connecticut, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

What Are Gel Nail Extensions?

Gel nail polish can be more durable than other nail polishes, it’s also shiny and can make the nails feel thicker and sturdier. Nail technicians use gel-based polish and finish utilizing a UV or LED light. Using the nail lamp cuts down on drying time.

These polishes also offer durability. Building up the nail with a soft or hard gel helps nails gain strength before the polish is applied. This type of structured gel manicure can provide stronger nails and longer-lasting manicures.

Gel nail extensions add a layer of design to the basic gel nail manicure. These are an overlay onto the natural nail that can lengthen the nails. Extensions also serve as an expanded canvas for nail art.

A technique that is growing in popularity uses pre-shaped gel tips that bond to the natural nail. After comprehensive preparation that includes filing, buffing, and grooming of the cuticles, the nails are painted with both a bonder and a primer. The nail technician then paints nail gel polish onto the extension. After application, the gel extension is cured with the nail lamp. Gel nail technicians can then shape the gel extensions, adding color and a variety of nail art options.

Why Are Gel Nails So Popular?

The main reason gel nails are gaining in popularity is that they can last longer than traditional manicures. The gel polish is applied in layers that add strength to the nail, and the gel polish is a bit tougher. Of course, the client needs to understand how to care for their gel nails and gel art. Being able to explain nail care to clients is an especially important aspect of the nail technician role. At HICI Go, we offer courses that help everyone understand how to care for their nails, exploring a variety of application methods.

The fashion possibilities that open up with these high-shine gel nails, and gel extensions that provide a strong platform for layered nail art, are exciting.

How Do Gel Nails Compare to Acrylic Nails?

How much longer do gel nails and gel extensions last? If they are well-cared for, they can last up to two weeks and beyond. As the natural nail continues to grow, they need to be redone after a few weeks. Learning techniques for the removal of gel nails, gel extensions, and nail art is crucial to practicing this nail technique. Instructors for HICI Go courses are well-versed in every aspect of the application and removal of gel nails.

Acrylic nails may chip more easily, depending on the client and their day-to-day lifestyle. The technique for applying acrylic nails is to create a paste of liquid monomer and powder polymer that is brushed onto the nail and air-dried. This creates fumes, so the area must be well-ventilated for safety. The nails can then be filed and shaped. After applying acrylic nails, the nail technician can use either gel polish or traditional polish. Acrylic nails can also last up to two weeks, but there is a greater danger of chipping or breaking with the acrylic option.

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