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Cortiva Institute offers outstanding courses in massage, skin care, and beauty techniques in a network of schools in Connecticut, Texas, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Florida. The partnership with HICI Go allows Cortiva students to also take advantage of online courses and live webinars on HICI Go’s online platform.

It all adds up to a versatile system of courses and training on beauty school topics, including massage, skin care, nails, makeup, hair, and business. We welcome formal and informal students of health, beauty, and wellness, as well as those pursuing continuing education.


What is Cortiva Institute?

The Cortiva Institute is a network of beauty schools that partner with HICI Go. Our teachers engage with students for live in-person courses, providing quality education in massage and skincare, as well as other beauty and wellness topics.

We encourage students to explore courses that appeal to their aesthetic sensibilities, creative talents, and interests. Inspiration, exploration, and freedom lead to the solid skills that characterize Cortiva Institute students. Many have become knowledgeable professionals and leaders in the beauty industry.

What Courses Does Cortiva Offer?

There are several career pathways for students at Cortiva Institute. Here are a few of the careers and skillsets that can be gained through our courses:

Esthetician (Skin Care Specialist)

As licensed skincare specialists, estheticians help to cleanse and beautify the face and body. They perform a skin analysis and prescribe treatment plans. Careful product selection and skincare regimens are the hallmarks of this profession.

Paramedical Esthetician

Specialized training for these skin care professionals allows them to help people with troubled skin or other conditions. Paramedical estheticians work in beauty environments, dermatology offices, burn centers, long-term care facilities, and other medical settings.

Cortiva Institute beauty school student performing microdermabrasion treatment to client’s face in spa

Makeup Artist

Clients appreciate the skills of the makeup artist when they are getting ready for their wedding, going to a photo shoot, or posing for the cover of their new album! These talented creatives also work on movie sets, specialize in digital photography, and work in the fashion industry.

Massage Therapist

The world of the massage therapist is varied, with many different types and techniques of training available. They serve clients of all ages, bringing them soothing comfort, faster healing, and therapeutic interventions.

Beauty school student applies makeup for client in classroom

Why Choose Cortiva Institute?

There are so many good reasons for students to choose Cortiva Institute and expand their beauty education. You will receive hands-on training with a supportive staff. We want you to develop the skills and confidence you need for work. In addition, Cortiva Institute offers these benefits:

  • Approved by National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork
  • Free State Board and Massage & Bodywork Licensing (MBLEx) Exam Reviews
  • Beauty school partnership with Dermalogica
  • Attend courses during the day or evening
  • Career fairs and placement assistance
  • High-profile guest speakers
  • On-campus spa for training
  • Access to all HICI Go courses

Schedule a tour today with Cortiva Institute and discover why students choose us for beauty school and massage therapy courses. In addition to courses taught at campus locations, Cortiva Institute students receive a login to access all HICI Go online courses, as well as compelling up-to-date webinars. This means students can access high-level instruction for many health and wellness specialties and skills.

How to Get Started

If you are ready for a new career in the beauty, health, and wellness fields, or you want to switch up your current business offerings, Cortiva Institute and HICI Go offer variety and flexibility. Just fill out the form below and an admissions representative from your desired campus will contact you by phone, email, or text.

After the introductory phone call, your dedicated admissions representative will schedule a tour at a convenient date and time. Meeting you in the lobby, they will show you the facilities and answer your questions. They will also introduce you to the team. We encourage you to go on the tour and get answers to any questions you may have about our beauty school.

Smiling beauty school student massages arm of client

Start Training for Your New Career at Cortiva Institute and HICI Go

Cortiva Institute offers a powerhouse of information and training for beauty professionals and new students. Partnering with HICI Go provides our students access to a platform that offers a multitude of health, beauty, and wellness courses. Industry professionals who need continuing education credits, day students who want to add beauty skills to their repertoire, beginners who want to pursue a beauty career, and those who want to learn new skills all benefit from these courses.

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