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How Beauty Professionals Can Earn More With Cosmetology Instructor Jobs

Are you a cosmetologist, esthetician, or massage therapist interested in sharing your knowledge with aspiring beauty professionals? Consider providing instructional courses in a variety of beauty and wellness topics through HICI Go, an online education platform, to educate the next generation while also increasing your income.

HICI Go offers online instruction throughout the U.S. and in-person instruction through our partner schools in Florida, Connecticut, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Texas. Here, we discuss how cosmetology instructor jobs can help beauty professionals earn more and share their knowledge.

HICI Go Instructional Courses

HICI Go is an online center hosting a diverse catalog of instructional health, wellness, and beauty courses. We offer courses in three different formats: live in-person, live webinars, and online anytime. This allows students around the U.S. to access education and instructors in a variety of ways. The courses available for instructors to teach or students to take include:

Although HICI Go courses are designed for beauty and wellness professionals seeking continuing education, we have opened our course catalog to the public so non-professionals and beauty enthusiasts can sign up, too. The course selection is continuously being updated with new offerings, so both students and educators should check back frequently.

Benefits of Becoming a HICI Go Educator

If you’re already established in the beauty or wellness industry, but feel called to do more, consider becoming an educator through HICI Go. Educators provide instructional courses in their specialties to help educate the next generation of professionals. There are many benefits of becoming an educator through HICI Go:

Share Knowledge

Most professionals in the beauty or wellness industry experience a sense of satisfaction from helping their clients feel better about themselves. However, some professionals want to experience a deeper personal reward by sharing their skills with aspiring industry professionals. One way to do this is by teaching instructional courses through HICI Go. With three ways of offering courses, you can even choose to teach without leaving your home.

Earn Extra Income

Becoming an educator through HICI Go can help beauty professionals earn additional income on top of their regular services. With live webinars and online, anytime courses, instructors can make extra money from the comfort of their own homes or salons. HICI Go makes it easy to teach and get paid — providing ready-made course content for you to teach and a commission contract to sign. As you teach, you’ll receive payouts from us.

Often when people look for a second job for an income boost, they can end up doing something they’re not passionate about. At HICI Go, instructors can choose what courses they want to teach, choosing only those they are passionate about, while also earning money.

Market Your Business

Beauty professionals who go into cosmetology instructor jobs often have established salons or businesses. Becoming an educator of other professionals is a solid way to market your business. Students who learn from you and respect your work are more likely to visit your business or recommend you to others. Also, just having your name and business being seen by more people in a different market can benefit your existing business.

These are just some of the ways that becoming an educator at HICI Go can benefit beauty and wellness professionals.

NOTE: Educators must be licensed in the field they want to teach in to qualify.

Why Choose HICI Go?

HICI Go was founded in 2020 by our partner schools, Cortiva Institute and Hollywood Institute, as an online center for continuing education in the beauty industry. Originally designed to be a temporary solution to distance learning during the COVID-19 pandemic, HICI Go turned out to be a permanent success.

At HICI Go, we hire only experienced beauty and wellness professionals, who have been vetted as instructors for our courses. This allows us to continue our mission of providing accessible industry education. HICI Go supports our educators in a variety of ways, including:

  • Providing course breakdown training
  • Uploading their content and sponsoring it to partner school alumni
  • Advertising courses through email marketing and on-campus flyers
  • Employing a sophisticated education platform
  • Offering a variety of commission plans
  • Providing three convenient methods of instruction
  • Partnering with in-person beauty schools in Florida, Texas, Connecticut, Maryland, and Pennsylvania

These are just some of the reasons beauty and wellness professionals should consider choosing HICI Go as the place to instruct other aspiring students.

Become an Educator Through HICI Go

If you’re licensed as a professional in the beauty, health, or wellness industry, consider expanding your career by becoming an instructor at HICI Go. HICI Go provides instructional courses in hair, makeup, skin care, and more to professionals who want to continue their education and novice beauty enthusiasts. If you’re interested in earning more money and sharing your knowledge, fill out our educator form to be contacted by a member of our education department.