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The Secrets of Chakra Massage

As a massage therapist, you provide services that promote relaxation, pain relief, and overall wellness. What would happen if you took the next step and incorporated energy work into your massage therapy practice? This is called chakra massage.

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Here, HICI Go explores the seven chakras, where disruptions manifest, and how you can unlock healing energy through massage techniques, including the practice of chakra massage.

Energy Healing 101: The Seven Chakras

Each chakra marks a different energy center in the body and is in alignment with the spine. Some people see the chakras purely as energy, while others link them to major endocrine glands. When they work together, they promote overall well-being. Along with relating to a particular color or natural element, they also represent specific traits, feelings, nerves, and organs. The seven primary chakras are:

  • Root chakra: The primary source of energy, Muladhara, is located at the base of the spine and is associated with a connection to the world and feelings of survival.
  • Sacral chakra: Svadhisthana is located below the belly button and is linked to creativity, sexual energy, and compassion.
  • Solar plexus chakra: Manipura is found between the ribcage and belly button and is tied to self-esteem, confidence, and ego.
  • Heart chakra: At the center of the chest, Anahata connects the lower and upper chakras and is associated with trust, passion, and a love of self and others.
  • Throat chakra: Vishuddha represents verbal communication and self-expression.
  • Third-eye chakra: Located between the eyebrows, Ajna is tied to wisdom, spiritual power, and intuition.
  • Crown chakra: Sahasrara, or the lotus of a thousand petals, is at the top of the head – it represents the spiritual connection between you, other people, and the universe.

In Sanskrit, Chakra translates to “wheel” or “disk” and is thought of as spinning bundles of free-flowing, positive energy. If one gets blocked, the person may experience physical or emotional symptoms that relate to that energy source. For example, if the solar plexus chakra (Manipura) is imbalanced, it manifests as depression, low self-esteem, or digestive issues. It’s believed that maintaining energy flow and balance contributes to your overall health and wellness, and misalignment is treatable.

Using Massage to Balance Energy

Unleashing the power of chakra healing can be done in many ways, such as through mantra, yoga, and meditation. However, another highly effective method is massage. Each energy point is responsive to touch, allowing a chakra-balancing massage to nurture harmony between the mind, body, and spirit. For massage therapists and other practitioners, this can be done with the following:

  • Thai massage: Also thought of as “assisted yoga,” Thai massage can help open the chakras.
  • Reiki massage: Reiki is believed to be a powerful energy healing technique that promotes balance, relaxation, and wellness.
  • Reflexology: By applying gentle pressure to targeted areas on the foot, practitioners can relieve corresponding organs or body parts and maintain the flow of energy.
  • Hot stone massage: Using warm, smooth stones, massage therapists can help rebalance the chakras.

While many types of massage focus on the musculoskeletal system, stress relief, or specific problem areas, chakra massage brings an element of intentionality. Blending massage styles with spiritual healing practices can be done seamlessly, incorporating it into specific movements and transitions or at the end of a session. The first step is to learn more about the chakras and how to best integrate them into your style.

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  • How to assess your clients’ chakras
  • Energy-balancing techniques
  • Incorporating energy work into other modalities and services
  • Creating a positive environment for clients

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