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Ultrasonic Cavitation

Massage therapist uses ultrasonic cavitation on a client’s thighAchieving a lean, sculpted appearance does more than help someone maintain a healthy body – it also helps boost self-confidence from the inside out. You can find out more about one popular treatment – ultrasonic cavitation – at HICI Go. We offer courses tailored to professionals who need continuing education and non-professionals seeking new and exciting learning opportunities nationwide.

HICI Go is an online center that hosts a diverse catalog of health and beauty courses online for people in Miami, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Orlando, or anywhere else in the U.S.  We also offer in-person courses in Florida, Connecticut, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Texas. Here, we discuss the ultrasonic cavitation technique.

What Is Ultrasonic Cavitation?

Ultrasonic cavitation, also known as ultrasound cavitation or ultrasonic lipolysis, is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment for weight loss. A popular alternative to liposuction, this FDA-approved body-contouring technique deteriorates fat cells below the skin’s surface using vibration technology. This treatment may be identified under several brands, such as:

  • TruSculpt
  • LipoSonix
  • UltraShape

During treatment, vibrations are produced by radio frequency energy and low-frequency ultrasonic waves target fat deposits, which break down as a result. These vibrations yield just enough pressure to transform solid fat cells into a liquid, which partially enters the liver where the body can naturally eliminate it as waste through urination. When the cells break down, they go through the body’s interstitial and lymphatic systems where they turn into glycerol and free fatty acids. The body can use glycerol, but the free fatty acids are excreted.

During a consultation, the practitioner evaluates the client to learn their goals, find out which areas they most want to treat, and ensure they’re good candidates for this procedure. It’s typically recommended as a viable option for those who are near their ideal weight. This treatment is not for those who are pregnant or breastfeeding, have inflammation or an infection in the treatment area, or have certain medical conditions.

Benefits of Ultrasonic Cavitation

The primary advantage of ultrasonic body cavitation is that it reduces cellulite and adipose tissue, which helps you achieve a leaner, more sculpted shape. Plus, you can use it to target specific problem areas. Many people prefer this treatment to traditional liposuction because no incisions are required. This type of body contouring yields several benefits, such as:

  • Treatment areas: This treatment often is used on the upper arms, abdomen, flanks (love handles), hips, and thighs.
  • Fat reduction: Minimizing fat deposits and cellulite across the treatment area creates a trimmer overall aesthetic.
  • Non-invasive: Clients don’t need incisions, surgery, or anesthesia, which means there’s little-to-no downtime to recover after the procedure.
  • Gradual results: Clients can discreetly receive treatments since the results aren’t suddenly noticeable.
  • Minimal side effects: Side effects typically include only redness, bruising, or headache.

Sessions are customized to meet the unique goals of the client. However, most treatments last 45 to 75 minutes, depending on the size and number of treatment areas. Several sessions may be scheduled for optimal results. A patient may begin to see results in just 6 to 12 weeks.

Ultrasonic lipolysis often is accompanied by other weight-loss techniques to help clients maintain their health. However, it also may be used as a standalone cosmetic treatment. Incorporating healthy lifestyle changes can help the results become more long-term.

Please note: Results and side effects vary by client. An experienced practitioner guides each experience, including discussing what to expect and possible side effects.

Ultrasonic Cavitation and Massage Therapy Courses at HICI Go

HICI Go offers live in-person courses, live webinars, and video courses available online, anytime via a user-friendly platform. It’s easy to participate in and accessible to professionals and wellness enthusiasts alike. We’re proud to provide opportunities for everyone to expand their skill sets and knowledge. Through the ultrasonic cavitation courses at HICI Go, you can learn:

  • How to perform the treatment
  • Goals for the procedure
  • Cavitation vs. radiofrequency (RF)
  • Lymphatic drainage techniques
  • Client care and guidelines
  • Contraindications

Related to this procedure, some practitioners incorporate lymphatic massage and other types of massage care to encourage blood circulation and lymph flow throughout the body. As a massage therapist or a similar professional, knowing more about this body-sculpting treatment can help you better serve your clientele.

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