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Manicure Methods: 6 Popular Types

Choosing the right manicure can seem like a daunting task. With so many options to browse through, it can be difficult to tell which method is right for you.

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Here, we talk about six popular types of manicures nail techs should offer.

Soft Gel Manicure

A soft gel manicure uses gel polish to add color to natural nails. Gel nails are applied using a brush and gel polish. Before applying, nails are trimmed and cleaned and cuticles are cut. After prepping the nails, the nail technician then paints the natural nails with gel polish. After each coat, nails must be dried under a UV light. This allows the gel polish to set and harden. Nail technicians typically apply two or three coats – a base coat, color coat, and finishing coat. After curing the finishing coat, the gel nails are dry and the client is free to leave the salon.

Hard Gel Manicure

Hard gel nail polish is a kind of builder gel that creates a harder coat on natural nails than a soft gel manicure. The difference between soft gel manicures and hard ones is that hard gel manicures can extend the length and alter the shape of the nail. Hard gel is placed over the natural nail and sculpted to create an extension. Because hard gel products are typically hypoallergenic, this can be a great alternative to acrylic manicures. Hard gel manicures also offer more customization than soft gel manicures. Not only can you customize the length of your nails, but you can also choose unique shapes and textures.

Gradient Gel Manicure

A gradient gel manicure involves using hard gels to seamlessly blend two colors. It is a process that requires efficient brushwork skills, a detail-oriented mindset, and excellent blending techniques. Gradient nails differ from ombré nails because ombré nails typically transition from a darker shade to a lighter shade of one color. With gradient nails, you are combining two different colors.

Gradient nails require that nail techs be skilled and experienced in their craft. This allows them to produce seamless results, which can boost them in their careers. All these skills and more are taught through our nail courses offered at HICI Go, permitting students to learn manicures for nails.

Vinylux Manicure

Vinylux is a type of nail polish that allows natural nails to be more durable. It is applied similarly to gel polish in that it is painted onto natural nails. However, Vinylux nail products can make the manicure process more efficient because it only requires two steps – simply put on the color and seal with a top coat. Vinylux nail polish is designed to grow tougher when exposed to natural light, which can make it a long-lasting alternative to gel polish. This type of manicure can last up to one week.

Acrylic Manicure

Acrylic nails are a type of manicure that hardens and extends the nails. It uses a gel-like substance that mixes liquid with powder acrylic. After prepping the nails, nail technicians apply a plastic tip to the end of the nail. To apply the acrylic, nail technicians dip their brush into a liquid and then into the powder acrylic. This creates a paste that is then brushed onto the nail and nail extension.

Once dried, the nail technician uses a drill to shape and file the nails down. Then, they apply the color. Acrylic nails offer more durability than other manicure options because of the thickness and durability of the acrylic. Those who get acrylic manicures can make their nails last up to three weeks before getting a fill, and nails must only be replaced once every couple of months.

Dip Powder Manicure

Dip powder nails differ from other types of manicures in that they use a powder to harden and add color to natural nails. This type of manicure can provide many benefits, from enhanced durability to many color options. Dip nails are also designed to skip the UV light, which can prevent wrinkles and other issues associated with UV exposure. Once the powder dries and hardens onto the natural nail, clients are all set to leave the salon. Dip powder manicures can also maintain the health of the nails in comparison to other manicure methods, like acrylics. They still offer the same durability as acrylics, with manicures lasting anywhere from two to three weeks.

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