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Patient undergoing laser hair removal treatment while wearing protective glasses

Laser Hair Removal: Doing It Safely

People with unwanted hair may need a more permanent solution than shaving, waxing, epilating, or other methods. In turn, laser hair removal continues to grow in popularity. One of the reasons more people are opting for laser hair removal treatment is because of how safe it can be. However, knowing how to safely administer laser hair removal services requires extensive knowledge and skill.

HICI Go is an education platform offering instruction on health and wellness topics – including an online laser safety training course and other skincare courses – through a diverse array of live webinars, on-demand online courses, and in-person courses. Here, we dive deeper into what laser hair removal is and the importance of doing it safely.

What Is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal uses a concentrated beam of light (laser) to remove unwanted hair on the skin. During the procedure, the pigment (melanin) in the hair is exposed to light produced by the laser. The laser targets the hair follicles, damaging and delaying future hair growth.

While laser hair removal is an effective avenue for delaying hair growth for a long period, it does not usually remove hair permanently. The results of laser hair removal can be hard to predict, and results may vary among clients. While most individuals experience hair removal for several months, others may see results that last for years.

An effective hair removal solution for all skin types, laser hair removal is commonly used in multiple areas throughout the body, including the legs, armpits, upper lip, chin, bikini line, and more.

Why Safe Laser Hair Removal Procedures Are Important

As with many cosmetic procedures, there are risks involved with laser hair removal services. The procedure can be dangerous if not performed by someone with proper training. Inexperienced and untrained hands can cause burns, permanent changes to the client’s skin color, and scarring. Or they could use the equipment incorrectly, leaving little to no effect on the individual’s hair.

The risks of laser hair removal are greatly reduced when the procedure is performed by someone who has in-depth knowledge of the skin and who understands how to properly handle and use the hair removal laser.

Why Hair Removal Continues to Grow in Popularity

More people are electing for laser hair removal over other hair removal solutions. This is largely due to the numerous advantages of laser hair removal, such as:


In some cases, clients wish to remove hair in extremely sensitive areas, increasing the need for precision. Laser hair removal is excellent at targeting unwanted hairs, especially those in a particular area or on a small section of skin. This allows clients a much more precise treatment.

Quick Procedure

Another reason more clients are opting for laser hair removal is because of how quick treatments generally are. Clients wishing to undergo hair removal for large areas of the body only need to dedicate a small fraction of their day.

Less Pain

Compared to other forms of hair removal, such as waxing, tweezing, and threading, laser hair removal is a much more enjoyable procedure for clients. It doesn’t involve ripping the hair from the skin like the other methods, making it far less painful.

Eliminates In-Grown Hairs

Many clients have to deal with in-grown hairs and the discomfort that comes with them. Laser hair removal helps eliminate the threat of in-grown hairs, reducing the risk of inflammation, bumps, and itching.


Laser hair removal may be a wise investment for anyone tired of spending their time on grooming. The convenient procedure only requires periodic touch-ups, which is nothing compared to the time spent shaving every single day.

Laser Training Safety Courses From HICI Go

Beauty professionals and skincare enthusiasts looking to enhance their skills and expand their knowledge of the cosmetology industry can find valuable resources at HICI Go. Specializing in teaching the latest trends and techniques in skincare and hair removal, we offer a variety of live in-person, live webinars, and video courses. Course topics involve various aspects of the beauty industry, including laser hair removal. Our team is constantly updating courses to keep up with the ever-evolving beauty industry, so check back frequently to explore our course listings.

We are pleased to offer a laser safety training course available online anytime for skincare practitioners who want to make sure they offer safe services. The course provides participants with an in-depth look at the laser hair removal procedure and details several laser safety skills.

In-person courses are available for students at our partner institutions, Cortiva Institute and Hollywood Institute, with instruction offered in Florida and several other states.

HICI Go is here for students in Miami, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Orlando, or anywhere else in Florida or the United States. For more information about laser hair removal or other hair removal methods, contact us today.