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Two salon professionals apply eyelash extensions to clients

Eyelash Extensions: The Looks Customers Want

As beauty aficionados know, how the eyes look is a major focus of trade techniques and involves makeup, eyebrow shaping, and eyelash extensions. As with all things in the beauty industry, fashion changes, so it’s good to know about the looks your customers want now. Both professionals and casual learners can access courses on eyebrows and eyelashes with HICI Go. We offer live in-person courses at our partner schools in Florida, Connecticut, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Texas, as well as live webinars and online anytime options available throughout the U.S.

A More Natural Look for Eyelash Extensions?

At a basic level, eyelash extensions create the look of mascara, increasing emphasis on the eyes, without the hassle of applying it. They also remove any worries about mascara running during exercise activities. Aside from these practical considerations, customers like to choose a look for their eyes, and often eye makeup trends go hand-in-hand with the style of eyelash extensions.

As an overall trend, eyelash extensions have been building steam with no sign of slowing, as can be seen by the emergence of lash studios and salons that feature eyelash extension specialties. Current preferences among many customers run to a more natural look. Learn about a variety of in-demand types of eyelash extensions with HICI Go. Here are a few popular styles:

Classic Sets

As the name implies, classic sets provide a natural look and work well for customers who already have thick lashes. The extension lashes are applied one-on-one to each natural lash. With the addition of classic sets, these can add length that accentuates the existing natural fullness.

Hybrid Sets

These sets are a combination of classic lashes and volume flairs or fans, which are several lash extenders bound at one end. Hybrid sets apply the classic one-on-one lashes for extra length and the flairs are added for more thickness and curliness. This look is still very natural in appearance.

Angel Sets

This type of eyelash extension is like a classic set, but the eyelashes used for extenders are more lightweight. The look is full, but lighter and softer. Angel sets use thinner lashes, so while they do add volume to the eyelashes, there are no fans or flairs required and the result is an apparent weightlessness.

Anime Manga Sets

If you are a fan of anime, Japanese-inspired graphic novels, and animated films, you know exactly what this look entails. Achieved by using longer, spikey eyelash extensions, the anime manga look is dramatic and wide-eyed. The eyes are framed with pointed clusters of eyelashes.

Wispy Sets

These are also anime-inspired, but wispy eyelash extensions use a light fan to extend, providing a lighter spike to the look. You may also hear these referred to as wet sets. The flairs or fans are narrower and more closed than with classic or hybrid sets.

How Are Eyelash Extensions Applied?

Specialized training is required for those who want to master eyelash extension application. HICI Go training courses help students learn how to map the application process. They must consider the type of existing lashes, and how the client wants their eyelashes to look, and educate them on how to maintain the look. After six weeks, extensions start to fall out, along with the natural lashes to which they are attached. This is normal. To keep the eyelash extensions in shape, customers must visit the salon or studio every two or three weeks.

Professionals can help clients take care of their eyelash extension sets by helping them choose products that won’t irritate the eyes and advising them on some activities, such as swimming and showering. The delicate skin around the eyes needs special care, so clients want to find lash professionals who have a good understanding of skincare techniques, as well.

What Are the Benefits of Eyelash Extensions?

One of the main benefits of eyelash extensions is that your eyelashes always look great. Whether or not you like to apply other eye makeup, the eyelashes are in good shape for your activities. And if the occasion warrants taking time with more eye makeup, the eyelashes are one less thing to worry about, they are all set!

Achieve Natural Eyelash Extension Looks With HICI Go Courses

Full, natural eyelashes are essential for current eye makeup trends. With eyelash extensions, beauty practitioners can help their clients acquire these looks. Interested amateurs can better understand exactly what kind of lash treatments they want to pursue with the information included in HICI Go courses. With our unique platform that offers live webinars and online anytime learning options across the U.S., students of beauty techniques have access to the knowledge they crave. Students wanting live, in-person courses can check out our partner institutions, Cortiva Institute and Hollywood Institute, with instruction offered in Florida, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Texas. Contact us today.