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Massage Therapy Courses


As licensed massage therapists (or practicing body workers), an important part of the role is to accommodate as many clients as possible and build that relationship with trust. Does foundational education cover all modalities to achieve this? Simply put, no. There are A LOT of modalities out there, lots of specialized treatments and add-ons that cannot be covered in the required 900 hours or less. It is the responsibility of massage therapists and spa owners to ensure their service offerings expand and grow as far as they can.

As you know, the body is unique to the individual. Because of this, over centuries and millennia, massage has become hyper-specialized to the practicing entity and their clientele. Modalities today range from Holistic and Spiritual Awakenings, to Scientific and Medical Specialties.

A massage establishment (or practitioner) looking to grow their business should not limit themselves to the basics of Swedish and Deep Tissue massages. Imagine having your long-term loyal client walk in to your spa, ready to spend upwards of $200 and none of your licensed professionals can perform their much-needed prenatal massage or post-chemo lymphatic drainage. YIKES!

In today’s world, massage is much more about effectiveness – rather than just relaxation. Can you imagine losing your long-term client to a business that can offer specialty treatments? Even if they only offer one or two more than you? Is that a probable reality? Unfortunately, yes.

It is vital for massage therapists to always be aware of what is trending and new in terms of treatments, techniques, products, state laws, new regulations, sanitation protocols and more!

Be the owner, or massage therapist, that can confidently say YES to any modality request. There is a lot out there, and no one expects you to know it all. However, just adding one or two that focuses on the trends you are seeing with your existing clients and today’s must-try treatments, you open new doors for yourself. You must give the person on your table what they want, and to do so? You must stay in the know, with HICI Go!

HICI Go keeps their students well-rounded in the operations of the health and wellness industry. HICI Go’s Massage Course Topics cover many influential factors that licensed massage therapists and practicing bodyworkers need to expand their skillset in an ever-growing and changing field. Check out our course offerings below


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