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Hair Courses | For Barbers & Cosmetologists


As licensed cosmetologists and barbers (or hair hobbyists), an important part of the role is to always be in the know of what is trending and new in terms of styles, techniques, color, products, treatments, state laws, new regulations, sanitation protocols and more!

Imagine having a client walk in to your salon, ready to spend upwards of $300 and none of your licensed professionals can achieve the look with confidence. YIKES! Do not be that person!

Be the owner, or stylist, or master barber that can confidently say YES to any requests. If you or your stylists are not up-to-date on the latest beauty trends in a world where most clients come in wanting a look, they saw on TikTok or Instagram – how is your business going to remain relevant to the wants and demands of new clientele? You must give the person in your chair what they want, and to do so? You must stay in the know, with HICI Go!

HICI Go keeps their students well-rounded in the operations of the beauty industry. HICI Go’s Hair Course Topics cover many influential factors that licensed cosmetologists and barbers need to expand their skillset in an ever-growing and changing field. Check out our course offerings below


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