Beauty Business Webinars – HICI Go

HICI Go welcomes all professionals seeking license renewal credits and all day-to-day education enthusiasts to take advantage of our low cost CEUs & Workshops to further their expertise.



The beauty industry is always changing, and business owners need to be able to adapt. That’s where HIGI Go’s catalog of beauty business courses and webinars comes in. If you currently own a business or aspire to do so in the future, HICI Go designs courses to meet students where they are, including live webinars.

HICI Go ensures that students have access to a variety of topics about starting a business, such as marketing tactics, building client loyalty, and business ethics. Offerings are always changing to keep up with the most current beauty industry trends. Webinars are available to both longtime beauty professionals who want to expand their skills and to those who are new to business ownership or still thinking about owning their own business. Webinar hosts are professionals who can share practical advice stemming from real-world experience.

Browse the webinars below and check back often to see what’s new.